We were given a loan of 100,000 th customer

Мы выдали кредит 100 000 - ному клиенту

Financial company Moneyveo marks an important stage in their activities: she recently gave a loan of 100,000 th client. This is a high figure, confirming the company’s leadership in the segment of online lending. He says that Moneyveo moving in the right direction and in the consumer market her services are in great demand.

The service, launched online lending in Ukraine

Before the advent of Moneyveo Ukrainians loan exclusively through the offices of financial institutions. Even when we were talking about a small amount, it was not possible to obtain it quickly. We had to go to the Bank, spend time waiting in queues, fill out many documents and then wait for the decision on his application. Since going to the Bank branch to obtain funds passed from one to several days. And, of course, this solution to financial difficulties could not be called fast.

But everything changed when the company Moneyveo launched in Ukraine online lending. She offered so easy a way of obtaining loans that the first time, many find it difficult to believe in its reality. They can receive it in just a few minutes, and it was really amazing, given their previous experience in using financial services.

Still Moneyveo remains the fastest and most convenient service online crediting in Ukraine. In order to draw in company, you need to send through its official website the application form indicating the amount and period of use of funds. The decision on it comes instantly. Then just put a mark in the column that you agree with the terms of the credit agreement, and the money will be immediately sent to the client’s card account.

From 1 to 100,000 clients

The first loan Moneyveo has issued 18 November 2013. This day marked the beginning of a new niche in the online crediting in our country. Ukrainians have the opportunity to issue loans quickly and easily, without wasting time and nerves on the trip to the Department of financial institutions. Now additional funds could be obtained at any time from the comfort of home, work and even sitting on a Park bench. All you need to have a computer (or tablet, mobile phone) with Internet access and Bank card.

Ukrainians appreciated the advantages of service in such service. And, of course, the number of users started to grow rapidly. Over the 4 years of existence of the company increased to 100,000 – a figure that gives cause for pride. Each of these users at least once have received a loan in Moneyveo; and many were taken here means more than 5, 10 times.

Clients most valuable for the company. They give the team Moneyveo the inspiration to constantly develop and improve its service, to make it even better. Therefore, anyone who is drawn to it, can use it as a familiar and intuitive tool.