We were going to the Pentagon. What does the visit of Mattis

К нам едет Пентагон. Что означает визит Мэттиса

The arrival of the head of the Ministry of defense of the USA in Kiev: symbolic gesture or prospects for Donbass?

On the Day of Independence in Ukraine there will arrive the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis. He is the chief guest of the parade, which is scheduled in Kiev on August 24.

Mattis said that his visit will highlight the US commitment to the strategic partnerstwo Ukraine.

But in Kiev we also hope for more specific results of the visit: the extension of military assistance or offer new solutions for the Donbass.

Корреспондент.net collected expectations from the visit of Mattis.

Great guest

Mattis in Kiev will meet with President Petro Poroshenko and his Ukrainian counterpart Stepan Poltorak.

“During these meetings, the Minister will once again want to assure our Ukrainian partners that the U.S. remains firmly committed to the goal of restoring sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as strengthening strategic defense partnership between our two countries”, – stated in the message of the Pentagon.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly noted that the upcoming visit of the head of the Pentagon is a “real friendly gesture” from a strategic partner of Ukraine Independence Day.

Mattis also will visit 21 Aug Jordan, August 23 – Turkey, where he will meet with the country’s leadership.

“I’m going to go to a parade there in independence Day, and I plan to meet with President Poroshenko and defense Minister Poltorak, and to emphasize our commitment to a strategic partnership and our support for their sovereignty and territorial integrity and to give advice on capacity building of its forces,” said Sam Mattis.

The head of the Pentagon has reminded, that the priority in solving Ukrainian problems is given diplomatic means, noting that Kiev will be visited by the special representative of the United States Ukraine Kurt Volker.

“As in many other places in the world, now I support diplomatic leadership, the efforts of the Secretary of state Tillerson to work with our allies in NATO and Ukraine and to continue to insist on the fulfillment of Russia’s commitments under the Minsk agreements. And this includes an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons and unhindered access of OSCE observers,” – said the Minister of defense.

The Mission Of The Walker

Walker will visit Kyiv after the first meeting with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, in which they discussed the prospects of settlement in the Donbass.

In Ukraine on a mission Volcker have high hopes, in fact, now the situation in the ATO zone have stalled.

Surkov was pleased with the first meeting with Volker.

“We agreed that the current situation in the South-East of Ukraine can not satisfy neither the conflicting parties nor the external forces contributing to the settlement,” said assistant to the President of the Russian Federation on results of negotiations.

According to Surkov, “the discussion was conducted in a tone of mutual respect and interest, honestly, seriously, without illusions and prejudices”.

“The commitment of the Minsk agreements under questioned: both parties propose new ideas and innovative approaches for their implementation”, – he assured.

“Agreed to continue their joint work. Identified topics for the next meeting. Agreed that the peace process on the political track and in the field of security can and should go faster,” he said.

“Good meeting” – concluded Surkov.

Walker had to learn from Surkov is the Russian Federation ready to take steps toward solving the conflict in the Donbass, reports the edition “WSJ”.

About “fresh ideas and innovative approaches”, which they invented with Surkov, Walker and able to talk to the Ukrainian authorities on August 24.

What about guns?

Mattis’s visit to Ukraine will take place on the background of the fact that the Pentagon and the state Department seek approval from the White house plans to supply the Ukrainian anti-tank missiles and other weapons.

“Mattis as the Minister of defense and military officer in the negotiations with the Ukrainian leadership is likely to discuss the issues of military cooperation”, – said the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka.

In his opinion, should not, of course, expect that tomorrow there will be something specific.

“But hopefully, I will be talking about what we’ve been waiting so long, the supplies to Ukraine American weapons of a defensive character. The mechanism for providing such weapons requires careful consideration. I believe that the supply of lethal defensive weapons from the United States still approve, despite various intimidation, including from Russia. It is unlikely to immediately and dramatically allowed a military conflict. But in General, can have a positive impact on the situation in the Donbass,” says Tuk.

The fact that the chances of granting Ukraine weapons look very high, I’m sure the political scientist Sergey Taran. “This is evidenced by the fact that the US is about anything and not agreed with Putin, no regulation no, the West expressed disappointment to them, and the people around trump started advocating the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Still the only one who doubts it, is himself the tramp. The final decision to him. But at least those who go to Ukraine – advocate. The Pentagon has already prepared a plan to provide Ukraine weapons. So the chances are actually very high,” notes the analyst.