We will help you, but without membership. Ukraine and NATO

Мы вам поможем, но без членства. Украина и НАТО

What did Ukraine Jens Stoltenberg during a visit to Kiev.

In Kyiv frequent dignitaries yesterday in the capital of Ukraine held a meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO.

The Alliance has again promised to help Ukraine, but concrete steps towards Ukraine’s accession to NATO is not mentioned.

Although Petro Poroshenko and tried to wishful thinking, but no discussion even on the plan of Ukraine’s membership in NATO cannot be and speeches.

Correspondent.net has gathered information on the dialogue between Ukraine and NATO.

The main confusion

The Commission Ukraine-NATO agreed on the initiation of a dialogue on the Ukrainian application to receive the action plan on membership in the Alliance. Such loud statement was made by President Poroshenko.

“We believe it is necessary to start a discussion about the introduction of the Plan of action concerning membership. Today we discussed it and our suggestions about the beginning of the discussion was gladly accepted (member countries) of NATO,” – said the head of state.

From the comments Poroshenko, it follows that the application for a NATO membership action plan, Ukraine intends to apply in 2020: “we Have a clear plan of action. We have a plan for three years. We are confident that the discussion will bring us to the filing of the application”.

The President stressed that at the moment, “Ukraine does not meet the membership criteria as 20 years nothing was done”.

However, in the end, the optimism of the Ukrainian President denied in the NATO.

Members of the North Atlantic Council “took into account” the desire of Ukraine to action plan on membership but did not consent on that account, said in comments to “European truth” the head a press-services of the Alliance pier Cazalet.

According to the representative of the Alliance, Petro Poroshenko has really raised the question of further rapprochement between Ukraine and the Alliance during the closed part of the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO, inviting the Alliance to begin a formal dialogue on NATO membership action plan.

“President Poroshenko raised the issue twice at the meeting and at a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The Secretary-General and the ambassadors of the member States took note of the President’s proposal to start such a discussion,” – said Cazalet. From his explanations it follows that the agreement at the beginning of such a dialogue was not provided.

We will help you, but without weapons

NATO aims to continue support of Ukraine in the sectors of defense, public administration and economic reforms, said the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

“The Alliance supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and helped democratic institutions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. NATO will continue to do – to work closely with Ukraine on defence, public administration and reforms in the economy”, – said the Secretary General.

In Parliament, Stoltenberg even quoted the verse of Taras Shevchenko.

“As the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko wrote: “That is not odnakovo meni Yak Ukraine SL people Preplate, lukav, and in A ogn, ordenou, sudati… Oh, not meni odnakovo”. NATO is exactly the same care. That’s why we stand with your country since the restoration of your independence,” – said Stoltenberg.

However, later the Secretary General explained that NATO cannot provide Ukraine with weapons, this question of negotiations with individual members of the Alliance.

“The Alliance does not have its own weapons as a single organization. Countries-members of NATO have their own separate armed forces and weapons. I know that today there are negotiations between Ukraine and some countries of the Alliance”, – said the Secretary General.


Stoltenberg, speaking in Parliament, urged the Ukrainian Parliament and the leadership of the state to rid Ukraine of “cancer of corruption”.

“Ukraine must get rid of the cancer of corruption. Corruption inertia and resistance to reform stand in the way of real change and secure a prosperous future for the Ukrainian people,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

At atomcontainer stressed that already made “some great progress, but still have to go a very long way.”

Russia and the Donbass

The Russian Federation should withdraw its thousands of troops from Ukraine and to stop supporting the militants with their weapons and control, said Stoltenberg.

“Conflict and later takes the lives of people already killed more than 10 thousand people, including 3000 civilians. It is obvious that the ceasefire fails and we are concerned about the rising threats to OSCE observers,” – said Stoltenberg.

He stressed that the Minsk agreements remain the only path to peace, but Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine and to stop supporting the militants with their weapons and running.

“NATO stands firmly on the position of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have never recognized and will not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea”, – he added.

Мы вам поможем, но без членства. Украина и НАТО


Cyber attacks

NATO sends Ukraine to the investigation of cyber attacks.

“We are now able to provide Ukraine with new equipment for key government institutions, the power structures that will allow Ukraine to investigate who is behind those in other cyberware, since response is extremely important,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

He also said that NATO has provided Ukraine with EUR 40 million in 10 funds in trust.

“NATO will continue to provide Ukraine with practical assistance, today we’ve reviewed our comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine. Using 10 different trusts in the country-members of NATO has invested almost 40 million euros to support Ukraine”, – said Stoltenberg.

According to him, the funds will be used in industries such as command control, cyber defence and medical rehabilitation.