Weather for the week: In Ukraine will get warmer, the snow is expected with rain

Погода на неделю: В Украине потеплеет, ожидается снег с дождем

In Ukraine this week, cold will be replaced by thaw. In most regions, precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow.

This week in Ukraine is expected a slight poteplenie. In several areas predict rainfall and snow. About it reports Reuters Monday, 3 Dec.

So, today most of the territory of Ukraine will be partly cloudy, no precipitation. Only in the West is projected to be wet snow. Daytime temperatures will range -2…-5 degrees in the Northern and Eastern regions, in the center – 0…-2 degrees in the West and South, a little warmer – it is expected to 2…5 degrees Celsius. The night temperature in the Western and southern regions drops to -4…-6 degrees, in other territory of Ukraine expects from -8 to -13 degrees below zero.

In Kiev, the week begins with clear weather expected in the afternoon from 0 to -2 degrees at night -7…-9 degrees.

Weather for Monday, December 3

Tuesday, December 4, at the greater part of Ukraine will remain partly cloudy, light rain in Western areas the snow is expected with the rain. In the Northern, Central and Eastern regions expected in the afternoon from 3 degrees to 1 degrees Celsius in the Western regions there will be 4…6 degrees Celsius, in the southern regions – 3…7 degrees Celsius. Night in most areas – from 0 to 2 degrees Celsius, in the East of -5…-7 degrees.

In Kiev this day is expected to cloudy, without precipitation. The day temperature 1…3 heat, and at night 0… – 2 degrees.

Weather for Tuesday, December 4

Wednesday, December 5, in the West of Ukraine precipitation will cease, partly cloudy weather is expected also in the East and South. In the Northern and Central areas this afternoon weather forecasters predict snow and rain. Day in most parts of Ukraine it is expected -1…1 C at night up to -4 degrees of frost, in the West day and night -1…1 degrees. In the Crimea a little warmer during the day here, forecasters predict 4 to 6 degrees, at night – 0…2 degrees.

On Wednesday in Kiev predict sleet with a rain, the temperature will oscillate between -1…1 degrees.

Weather for Wednesday, December 5

Thursday, December 6, almost the entire territory of Ukraine will be a Sunny day. In the Western regions is expected in the afternoon 1…2 degrees, at night -3…-5 degrees below zero. In the Central and Eastern regions -1…2 degrees at night to -4 degrees. In the South in the afternoon 0…3 degrees, at night -1…-3 degrees.

In Kiev will also be Sunny, the temperature is -1…1 degrees, at night the thermometer drops to -2…-4 degrees below zero.

Weather for Thursday, December 6

On Friday, December 7, in the Western Ukraine will be cloudy, will wet snow back with the rain. For the rest of the country partly cloudy. In the Western regions the night temperature -5…-3, by day 0…2 degrees. In the North, the daytime temperature will be -1…1 degree of heat, and at night -3…-5. In the Eastern oblastey a little colder: -1…-3, and -4…-6 night. In the southern regions in the afternoon will be -1…1 degree Celsius during the night -3…-5.

In Kyiv no precipitation. Temperature of -1…1 C at night -3…-5 degrees below zero.

Weather for Friday, December 7

We will remind, on the past weekend in Ukraine fell to 23 inches of snow. Due to complications weather conditions all units of the interior Ministry of Ukraine, in particular the state service for emergency situations was transferred to the strengthened option of service.

It was also reported that the November 2018 in Kiev was the coldest in this century. The average temperature in the capital amounted to 0.3 C which is below normal by 1.8 degrees.

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