Weather for the week: to -8 and sleet

Погода на неделю: до -8 и дождь со снегом

Weather in Ukraine will begin to deteriorate from Wednesday. In most regions, rains and sleet.

This week in Ukraine the temperature will drop to 8 degrees Celsius, and rains and sleet, reports Reuters.

So, Monday, November 12, will be light rain. Afternoon in the Western areas temperatures will stay between 9-13 degrees Celsius in the North and centre of the country from -1 to +3 degrees Celsius. In the southern regions is expected to 5-12 degrees Celsius in the East – from -2 to 5 degrees above zero.

In Kiev, the day colder to 2-4 degrees Celsius.

On Tuesday, November 13 light rain. In Western regions the temperature will be kept at the level from +7 to +13 degrees, at night – from +1 to +5. In the South – from +3 to +6 degrees Celsius. In the North and centre of the country the temperature to fall and will range from +1 to -1 degree. On the cooler East – from 0 to -2 degrees.

In Kiev, cloudy weather, no precipitations, air temperature +1-1 degrees during the day and from -3 to -5 degrees at night.

Wednesday, November 14, in the West (except for Transcarpathian) region and Northern come rain with sleet. The day temperature will make from +4 to +9 degrees, at night – from +4 to +4 degrees. In the North, the daytime temperature is from -1 to +2 degrees, at night – from -3 to -7 degrees. In the East – from +1 to -2 degrees during the day, in the South – from +3 to +6 degrees.

In Kiev, the day is expected to wet snow, temperature from +1 to -1 degree.

Thursday, November 15, rain with sleet will also be held in some Eastern and southern regions. In the center is dry.

In Kiev colder – at night the temperature will drop to -4 degrees.

On Friday, November 16, is expected to improve the weather will be Sunny and without rain. The maximum temperature will rise to +9 degrees in Zakarpattia region.

In Kiev, the temperature of the day temperature will be from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.

Note the cold came to Ukraine at the weekend. In some places the temperature dropped to -4 degrees.


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