Weather for today: In some parts of Ukraine will pass rains, the temperature to +29

Погода на сегодня: В отдельных частях Украины пройдут дожди, температура до +29

Today in most parts of Ukraine will remain Sunny weather, rain, will be held only in the Eastern, Northern and southern regions, reports Reuters.

In the Western part of the country will be Sunny, the temperature will rise to +24 (in Zakarpattia region to +26). In the North of Ukraine will pass rains with thunderstorms, temperature up to +24. In the Eastern regions precipitation is expected in the thermometer will rise to +28. In the South of Ukraine rainfall is expected in the Kherson region and Crimea, the temperature will be up to 28 (in the Crimea to +29).

In the capital of Ukraine precipitation is not expected, daily temperature will rise to +24.

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