Weekend in June: the Trinity and the Constitution Day

Выходные в июне: Троица и День Конституции

In June 2016, Ukraine will 19 official working days and 11 weekends.

In particular the provision of article 73 of the Code of labour laws of Ukraine, enterprises, institutions and organizations work in June will not be held on Monday 20 June, due to the fact that the Trinity falls on a Sunday, June 19.

Another June holiday – Constitution Day falls on Tuesday, June 28. In this regard, the government by its resolution No. 1155-R of 11.11.2015 did weekends and Monday, June 27 through Saturday July 2, which will be working. So on Constitution Day Ukrainians will rest from 25 to 28 June.

Also on 9 June in Ukraine will celebrate the Orthodox feast of the Ascension of the Lord, which is, however, not an output. It is celebrated annually 40 days after Easter, on Thursday of the 6th week after Easter.

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