Weekend weather: snow showers, up to +7

Погода на выходные: снег с дождем, до +7

In Ukraine at the weekend in some places will be a wet snow with the rain. Maximum temperature is +7 degrees.

This weekend, on 8 and 9 December, in most of the country will pass rains and a sleet. In the afternoon air will get warm to +1 to +3 degrees. It is reported Ukrgidromettsentr.

In Ukraine on Saturday, December 8 in the Western areas will be sleet in the afternoon with transition to rain in most Northern regions, as well as in Vinnytsia and Cherkasy oblasts day forecast light sleet. The rest of the no precipitation.

Night temperature will be 4-9 degrees of a frost (in the Western regions from 2 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius). Day in Ukraine is expected from 3 degrees to 2 degrees Celsius, on the West and South – 1-6 degrees Celsius.



In Kyiv on 8 December will be wet snow, night rain. Night temperature 5-7 degrees Celsius, and around 0 degrees.

Sunday, December 9, precipitation is expected throughout the territory of Ukraine. In the southern and Western regions of the rain, the air warms up to +3 to +7 degrees at night predict from 1 degrees of frost to 2 degrees Celsius. The rest of the territory of Ukraine will be snow with rain. Day -1 to +1 degree, night predict 1-5 degrees below zero.

In Kyiv on 9 December will be the sleet, temperature at night will be 0 -2 degrees, -1 to +1 degree.



Previously, forecasters, weather in Ukraine in December.

Also, the meteorologists said that this winter could be the warmest over the past 30 years.


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