Weight: If not for the DRS overtaking would not be

Масса: Если бы не DRS, обгонов бы не было

Felipe Massf

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa has shared his thoughts about the overtaking in the new season of Formula 1.

“Now overtaking became much more difficult, but it was clear as soon as changed the rules. It all depends on the track. The route to Australia has always been difficult to pilot, but not all tracks will have the same situation with overtaking.

With them was always difficult until you come up with DRS. First, if you started with a certain position, it is almost always finished it, of course, if you’re not wrong and not having problems. So now will be the same as before – only with DRS. No DRS at all would be nobody overtaking”, – quotes the veteran of the Formula 1 Sportv.

Earlier iSport.ua reported that Sebastian Vettel won the first race of the season – the Grand Prix of Australia.

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