Weightlifting: a Modest Dehi path to Olympic success

Тяжелая атлетика: Скромный путь Дехи к олимпийскому успеху

Young weightlifter Irina Deha was the best athlete of Ukraine in April.

To obtain recognition for his services to any nice person. Ukrainian athletes have more than 11 years for high achievements of the NOC of Ukraine awarded the title of best athlete of the month and a figurine on the memory.

While the stars of the Ukrainian sport fencer Olga Harlan and gymnast Oleg Vernaeve bring the number of its statues from the NOC to ten, weightlifters rarely get these awards, but in April it weightlifter Irina Deha was awarded the honorary title of “athlete of the month“ and the day before received from the hands of NOC President Sergey Bubka coveted statuette.

“This remarkable victory was the natural result of hard work, great sacrifice and the beloved of our athletes. Irina is a very hard working girl and confidently going to his dream. I am confident that with such dedication and responsibility with which it approaches its work, it will be able to achieve high results“, – said during the awarding ceremony Sergey Bubka.

Dekha deserved the win thanks to a good performance at the European Championships in Norway, where he won the title of absolute champion of the Old world, winning all three gold medals: snatch – 115 kg, clean and jerk – 135 kg. the results of the two exercises it with the total lifted weight 250 pounds by as much as 8 kilograms bypassed nearest rival.

“This victory was unexpected for me. Going to Norway, I did not expect that I will become European champion. Didn’t believe until I heard the anthem of Ukraine. Then he felt the pride of the country“, – said Irina.

In training I lifted the weight and was confident in their abilities. The plan was not, the main thing was to raise all six attempts. At the moment this is my best result, but you have to train, to work. In training we try to increase the weight and try to lift more“, – said Irina Deha.

Тяжелая атлетика: Скромный путь Дехи к олимпийскому успеху

The NOC of Ukraine

Generally young 20-year-old athlete looked quite modest during the ceremony and didn’t say much. As told to SPORTS bigmir)net , the coach athlete Yevgeny Shilov, Irina always has been and this is the secret of her success.

“She was modest and purposeful all the time while we work with her, and Ira came to our hall in the sixth grade. I think as long as it is modest, it will achieve the result.

While Ira has a good chance to go to the Olympics, she’s made a big pounds in its category. There will be not only a military struggle, but also a tactical battle of the coaching staffs. A lot of tricks and interesting moves. If the athlete lifts, then you can put to win. Irina’s got the makings, so we will work. We orientirueshsya 275 kg in total. I admit that we expect a medal, I do not want to hang out in the middle,“ said Shilov.

Тяжелая атлетика: Скромный путь Дехи к олимпийскому успеху

The NOC of Ukraine

At the moment for Irina Deha first goal is to get into the Olympic team. In weightlifting the license is not registered, so who will travel to Rio will decide the coaching staff. While Ukraine has seven licenses, three of which in women, but as we told the Vice-President of the weightlifting Federation of Ukraine Ivan Chernonog, it is likely that in the near future women we get an extra license.

“I hope that we will have eight licenses. Not to overstep, but it seems like for 4 licenses we already have, but let’s wait for official information“, – said Ivan Andreevich.

The reason for the appearance of the license that the Belarusian athlete passed a positive doping test, which will lead to its disqualification and will help Ukraine to rise one position in the Olympic ranking. However, even seven licenses, according to Ivan Chernonog, a good result.

“The result is good, but you always want to be better. Women picked up high, and men have influenced not a very good world Cup in 2014.

I hope that the number will grow in quality. I think seven licenses will be enough to win medals in both men and women. I hope they will be. We have strong athletes and I think the results will come to us“, – said Ivan Chernonog.

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