Welcome on the site, the text of the resolution on dismissal Nasirov, the charges are set out on pages 24

На сайте Рады появился текст постановления об увольнения Насирова, обвинения изложены на 24 страницах

Welcome on the site appeared the text of a Draft Resolution “On recognition of the work of the head of the State fiscal service (SFS) R. M. Nasirov and his first Deputy Bilan S. V. unsatisfactory and dismissal them from their posts”, and also explanatory notes with charges in their address, which is posted on 24 pages of the document. As the purpose of the adoption of the decision provides a recommendation to the Cabinet to acknowledge the work Nasirov and Bilan unsatisfactory, to dismiss them and conduct a public competition at their office.

The need for the dismissal of the Roman Nasirov and his Deputy Sergey Bilan from their posts due to “facts of numerous violations committed by officials, particularly abuse of power and maintaining inefficient fiscal policy solely on the pressure on taxpayers and the concealment of the illegal activities of private entities,” reads the explanatory note.

It is noted that on 3 October the people’s deputies Andriy zhurzhiy and Victoria Voitsitska sent a letter to the Prime Minister with the requirement to submit for consideration of the Cabinet submission of resignation Nasirov and Bilan from posts based on the above MPs violations.

In the text of their appeal, which is posted on the website http://stop-bastards.com/ to the address of officials in particular, there were allegations of unlawful searches of businesses, self-imposed additional tax charges and hints of acceleration in the “decision” questions from the employees of GFS.

The reaction of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance no more than two months, according to the text of the explanatory note.

Among the violations that the deputies present Nasirova and Bilan in the text of the explanatory note provides in particular the accusations that “contrary to the requirements of the legislation of the SFS does not publish on its official website information from the registers of claims for reimbursement of VAT in full”. Also that VAT refunds are “gross violations of a particular law of the order”. “Businesses that submitted applications for compensation of the budget much later than other taxpayers get it much earlier”, – stated in the explanatory note.

MPs have accused officials in the “manual intervention in the system of electronic administration of value added tax”.

Report that NABU start against Nasirov and Bilan pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on signs of the crime under part 2 St. 364 criminal code of Ukraine (No. 52016000000000318 in eRDR).

Also they impute “inaction in the matter of recovery of Ukrnafta taxes in the amount of 10 billion UAH” and “evasion of any of the information in eRDR under article 212 of the criminal code of Ukraine concerning officials of Ukrnafta.

The explanatory note says about “the low efficiency of the tax police in curbing the illegal activities of conversion centers”, “the initiation of criminal proceedings in violation of the requirements of the current legislation (until the harmonization of tax accrued liabilities) to put pressure on businesses”, “evasion of providing information on tax debt “Ukrnafta”, “no action responding to the illegal actions of officials of GFS for the removal of nuts from taxpayers”, “inadequate organisation of customs control and clearance of goods in the area of the Kiev customs”, “not taking the appropriate measures to control illegal activities “Zaporozhtransformator”.

Recall that 38 people’s deputies registered in Parliament a resolution on the dismissal of the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov.

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