Went missing in February in the area of ATO Ukrainian scouts are in thrall to the “LPR” – command special operations Forces

Пропавшие в феврале в зоне АТО украинские разведчики находятся в плену "ЛНР", - командование Сил спецопераций

Ukrainian scouts in terrorist “LNR” today accused of the murder of “the chief of the national police”, went missing in Luhansk region in February 2017 and are now in captivity of terrorists. This is stated in the statement of command of the special operations Forces of the APU in Facebook.

“After the establishment of the fact of lack of communication by members of the Armed forces of Ukraine was held a number of events for establishment of location of its troops, including through the possibility of the Russian side of the Joint center for control and coordination of questions of ceasefire and stabilization of the demarcation line. Held events to no avail. Presented March 10, the video gave the opportunity to ensure that our soldiers are alive and are in captivity of Russian-terrorist forces”, – is spoken in the message.

In the command of the MTR noted that the Russian security services and militants working with the prisoners according to the usual scheme: the use of physical torture and psychological pressure, they force them to admit something that they did not commit.

News on topic: In the area of ATO was wounded, and 9 injured Ukrainian soldiers, militants have used “Grad”.

“These soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine performs regular tasks while conducting special reconnaissance in certain areas. These tasks are not associated with subversive activities and threaten the civilian population, but performed in an extremely tense atmosphere, in conditions of armed confrontation between terrorist groups inside the self-proclaimed psevdorespubliki”, – noted in SSO, adding that Ukraine does not intend to abandon their fighters.

The command of the SSO will initiate an appeal to the international human rights organizations, JCCC, the SMM OSCE in Ukraine and other organizations, public and state leaders with the request to ensure compliance with human behavior and speedy return home of prisoners of Ukrainian soldiers.

“Insist on conducting an independent medical examination with involvement of international experts on assessment and monitoring of the physical and mental state of the soldiers-scouts, the armed forces of Ukraine, who are hostages. A separate diagnosis, please carry out the identification results of the use of psychotropic substances on the organisms of soldiers hostages,” – said in the appeal.

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Recall now the militants of the so-called “LPR” has accused Ukrainian officers in the murder of the so-called head of the “people’s militia” Oleg Anashchenko. In addition, today “MGB LNR” declared that have no evidence to suggest that the perpetrators of the murder of Mikhail Tolstoy (“Givi”), who died on February 8 in Donetsk as a result of the attack, was soldiers of the eighth regiment of the special operations Forces of the APU.

It was also reported that on 11 February on the territory of Luhansk oblast has lost contact with the scouts, carrying out combat missions.

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