What can I do at Honey Spas

Что разрешается делать на Медовый Спас

The feast of Maccabeus at honey spas

The main prohibitions on Honey Spas relate to supply and perform work on the house. Tomorrow, August 14, celebrates the feast of Maccabee.

Rescue is a three Orthodox holiday:

  • Origin of honest trees Holy cross (Honey Spas) 14 August;
  • The Transfiguration (Apple Spas, or second) 19 Aug;
  • The transfer of the miraculous image of the Saviour (third or Nut or Grain Saved) on August 29.

By mid-August begin to gather the first harvest of honey and it was thought that since the first spas you can use fresh product. By tradition of the Saviour in the churches will host blessing of the waters, fresh honey.

On the first day of Spasovka remember the seven old Testament martyrs of the Maccabees. Therefore, in most regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Western Russia, the holiday is simply called “macabee”. It is somewhat reinterpreted and the name associated with the Mac, which just reaches to the middle of the last month of summer.

This is why, together with honey and water consecrate the posies -”makowiecki”, consisting of 17 plants, which lay in ripe poppy heads. Except for Mac in the composition add: thyme, tarragon, mint, Kalina, Rue, calendula, oregano, clover, oat spikelets, terlich, marigolds.

Tomorrow also starts the Dormition fast, it will last until August 27.

The history of the holiday

Что разрешается делать на Медовый Спас

Honey Spas and Maccabee 2018 / photo: Kolobok.ua

In August, in ancient Constantinople was raging disease and the population, there was a custom: in order to avoid death must be taken from the Cathedral small particle of the cross on which Christ was crucified. The Tree of honor was carried through the city, people believed that the tradition can protect citizens from the plague.

What not to do on the macabee, and what can

It is impossible for the Saved to carry out any work on the house, in the garden. Maccabee is better to celebrate quietly. Since the start of the fast days, on the holiday table should not be missing from meat and dairy products, eggs. It is necessary to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. To eat, it was decided to start with pancakes with poppy seeds.

Что разрешается делать на Медовый Спас

What not to do in the occasion Maccabee 2018 / photo: Kolobok.ua

On this day we should not quarrel, but be sure to wish everyone peace, happiness.

The hostess can bake a cake, roll, cookies or buns with poppy seeds and honey or lean honey gingerbread.

Consecrated honey kept for a year as a medicine: he gave the spoon to the patient. “Macawake” was dry and did not throw, because consecrated to the macabee grass needs to protect the home from evil spirits.

Useful on Maccabee to swim in open water, as our ancestors believed in the healing properties, which water is saturated in the Holy day. In lakes and rivers even allowed cattle, other domestic animals. But after the Maccabee in the water is not climb, because it was believed that it begins to flourish.

Что разрешается делать на Медовый Спас

Saved 2018 and Maccabee

Celebrate the macabee in the Balkan countries, but their traditions are slightly different from ours. For example, swimming is prohibited. In Bulgarian families still accepted in this day sons-in-law to visit parents, spouses, and kiss their hands.

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