What do the people of Kiev: “ukrbud” conducted a large-scale opinion poll

Чего хотят киевляне: "Укрбуд" провел масштабный соцопрос

In houses of the Corporation “ukrbud” ended large-scale sociological study designed to assess objectively the different sides of the developer.

A survey conducted by an independent company among the tenants all rented “Ukrbud” residential complexes, has allowed to find an unbiased opinion of the new settlers about the quality of construction of houses, the landscaping of the surrounding territory, the provision of housing and communal services and management companies. The results of the research already compiled and in future will allow to adjust the operation of the Corporation so as to best meet the needs of residents.

– We do not hide that want to increase customer loyalty, – says General Director of the company “ukrbud development” Oleg Mayboroda. The Corporation is comprised of dozens of contractors, service companies, and they are not always able themselves to objectively evaluate their work. The side view will be useful. We understand that the residents of any Metropolitan home there are claims and suggestions. Getting information directly from them, we will be able to increase the efficiency of all our organizations in such a way as to meet customer expectations.

Чего хотят киевляне: "Укрбуд" провел масштабный соцопрос



So the key attention during the study was given to the area of work that most developers prefer not to do. Namely, the improvement of residential complexes and infrastructure after commissioning. Despite the fact that about 80% of settlers overall positive view of the quality of construction and landscaping, four out of five residents have suggestions for the further development of objects. Most often, suggestions were made for planting and fencing the area, expansion of Parking lots and driveways. Many new residents not enough infrastructure facilities including gymnasiums (33.6% of respondents), supermarkets (31.4 percent), pharmacies (29.1 per cent) and banks (23.7 percent). And these wishes will be considered first in the further improvement of houses and the surrounding infrastructure. In addition, the data collected are also planning to use when designing new facilities.

Separately, residents have appreciated the work of management companies and the quality of their services. This work fully satisfied 62% of residents. Criticism is caused by some aspects: some complexes have a claim to speed the solution of problems of communal character, the quality of the provision of specific housing services. Therefore, all voiced wishes will also be taken into account and the work of management companies will be adjusted to provide the residents the highest possible level of comfort.

Чего хотят киевляне: "Укрбуд" провел масштабный соцопрос



– When a person moves into the apartment from the “Ukrbud”, he must be sure that he will not have problems in the process of its operation. Therefore, we pay attention to those sides of service that require improvement. The collected data allowed us to adequately assess the strengths and weaknesses of work of management companies and to draw the necessary conclusions – sums Oleg Mayboroda.

In particular, we will revise the training programme and the procedure of receiving and processing applications of tenants, which will allow you to quickly and efficiently resolve issues with utilities, and to respond to other suggestions and wishes of our clients.