What happened with Schuster

Что все-таки произошло с Шустером

The decision was taken by the city employment center. I at that time worked for a few days. The essence of what happened there was this: under our laws, any foreigner who is in the territory of Ukraine and want to work, gets permission, and this permission is renewed every year. In order to extend for another year the authorization, you must submit three documents: application, two photos and a certificate stating that the person is not serving a punishment and that it is not a criminal proceeding. There is one classic of our political thought, which once said the key phrase: “the Text is a little moronic is written”. That is when he wrote the decision, the people who wrote, thought in terms of the old Criminal procedure code. When he wrote in his decision that is not made criminal proceedings against the person, the interior Ministry provides help, as I understand it, the standard: “Not subject to criminal liability and not serving a punishment.” I understand that the tax has a claim to the Studio Savik Shuster”, where he is Director. I understand that they, too, knew that his permission (it is, in my opinion, ended April 25), but man is given right before apply. And when the tax came and asked when you run out, etc., then they said, sorry, we already have extended the resolution. They have given permission, and Savik Shuster has received permission for the next year.

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Needed for this, does someone else’s instructions or someone’s permission? No. When this became known to the tax authorities, respectively, of our GFS, they appealed to the Central service employment that is how it happened, because by law they were not supposed to do, according to GFS… Then they were in a situation following: the tax is a criminal case, and she believes that it maintains in respect of Savik Shuster. At the same time it informs the public authority that there are such issues. If you pretend that you know nothing, if God forbid, the court finds guilty, it turns out that you influenced the possibility of illegal actions.

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