What happens to the domestic real estate market and what will please the near future

Что происходит на отечественном рынке недвижимости и чем порадует ближайшее будущее

Real estate is one of those areas, which may be beneficial even in a particularly sad economic situations. Many who can afford to make a major investment and not afraid for once to lose everything, consider in the form of investments purchase of immovable property.

Opening a Deposit in a Bank, become addicted to this Bank and all phenomena which it may be subjected. The option of buying gold in different forms also not very protected from the negative aspects. With regard to real estate, the risk of large losses is somewhat lower. When purchasing the apartment in case of need it can be sold (if the condition allows, you can request the price higher than the original), but you can rent it out and thereby to obtain a stable monthly income. In addition, renting apartments is a convenient way to save on utility costs that can be included in the rental. However, it is understood that the cost of an apartment depends on currency fluctuations. Usually it is tied to the dollar, why during the jump jump currency the hryvnia equivalent. Because before, to buy real estate property, you should study the real estate market, both regional and in the whole country, in order to make a comparative analysis, which will help with the decision.

To date compared to the same day of the previous month, the situation on the Ukrainian real estate market, significant changes are demonstrated. In connection with the relative calm in the exchange rate, the jump in prices for Ukrainian apartment pronounced was not. Only at the end of the period, after the changes in world politics (presidential elections in US) dollar a little shaken, why absolutely slightly moved the cost and moreover, there are no prerequisites for today that prices will decline. The difference is (+1) the dollar value of the apartment appeared in the Odessa region, and in (-1) dollar observed in Dnipropetrovsk region. Other Ukrainian regions did not react. If you look deeper into the situation in the Odessa real estate market, these minor encroachments down occurred in 3 areas. On the Moldovanka is the average price of $796 per square meter was formed the price of $795, the settlement Kotovsk ready to obtain instead of $759 per square $757, a seaside district of the city will please not $1063 $1061 per square meter. As for Tairov Cheryomushki, there is not, nothing has changed, as it was $852 and $737, respectively, and remained.

If you look into the near future, particularly pronounced Что происходит на отечественном рынке недвижимости и чем порадует ближайшее будущееtendencies to a rise or fall is not detected. Of course, this forecast is done in the analysis of standard indicators, excluding force majeure. In the case of sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate, everything can change in one direction or another. In calm circumstances, the cost of Ukrainian apartments may only slightly increase, that did not really affect the real estate market of Ukraine. It should be noted that if the head crept into the idea about investment in real estate, you should address this issue as quickly as possible, because the unstable economic situation can turn everything into a negative for the buyers side.

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