What is cashback or how to save money on shopping online

Что такое кэшбэк или как экономить на покупках в интернете

Recently in Ukraine widespread practice of attracting customers into stores with cashback. The word “cashback” comes from the English phrase “cash back”, which literally means “money back”.

Cashback is a partial refund from committed Internet store shopping. Unlike bonuses for each individual store, with the cashback, the customer receives a single internal account to which are credited all refunds for all purchases.

Cashback in Ukraine was actively developed with a light hand shopping giant Aliexpress, which has long sought to attract new and encourage existing customers through cashback. Enriched on purchases with the cashback, of course, will not work, but save up to 15%.

Therefore, in Ukraine, followed by Russia, began to appear the services that offer purchase with cashback. A couple of years ago it was mostly foreign services, later on the Ukrainian market finally appeared and Ukrainian cashback services. As a rule, the withdrawal of foreign services is difficult, and support is not always available to provide advice on the native language of the client, so not all can start to buy foreign cash back service.

One of the first Ukrainian cashback services offer customer convenient shopping with cashback, became Payback operating on the Ukrainian market from January 2016.

The service has long earned the trust of tens of thousands of customers and helps to save on purchases in our difficult time. Besides saving, Payback provides the client with a convenient way to manage your cashback account. The accumulated amount of cashback a customer can withdraw part or full, for example, adding mobile phones to you and your family. It is also possible to transfer the cashback in the electronic money or Bank card.

Let’s analyze point by point the main differences between buying with cashback and without.

Что такое кэшбэк или как экономить на покупках в интернете



In fact, for the buyer, nothing has changed – the price of a product, system of payment and delivery, terms of the warranty. Cashback service only acts as an intermediary of the transaction of sale and returns to the client the part spent on buying tools. Shopping is beneficial to the customer made a purchase, and they are willing to pay for it.

For clarity, let’s calculate the savings when buying a refrigerator with cashback. From the assortment of the online store we selected MOYO refrigerator popular brand value 8749,00 hryvnia. Store is ready to return from 2% of the purchase price.

Simple math: 8749,00*2%=174,98.

So, buying a refrigerator with a cashback, you will save almost UAH 175,00. And here’s how you can save on almost all online purchases.

The selection of shops that cooperate with cashback services, very wide. You can get cashback with Ukrainian stores Rozetka, Comfy, ALLO, Eldorado and other large Internet shops and widely known in the world of aggregators for the sale of goods and services Aliexpress, Booking, ASOS.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that in 2017, the trading giant Aliexpress has changed the terms of cooperation with the cashback services to CIS countries, which directly affected all buyers of this store. The reduction in interest rates cashback Aliexpress added competitive advantage to other world sites that sell Chinese goods, such as Bangood, Gearbest or TomTop. The range of goods similar to Aliexpress, but the conditions, prices and cash back at these stores is sometimes even more advantageous for the buyer.

How and where to make purchases in the Internet – you choose. But you will agree that it’s better to save with the cashback than to buy goods at the same prices and not to save at all.

May your purchases bring you joy and pleasure.