What is the situation with the Ukrainian air defense and how to improve it, not in words but in deeds

Какова ситуация с украинской ПВО и как ее улучшить не на словах, а на деле

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The situation around the exercises near the Crimea with the launches of our air defense systems s-300 and, as a result, the pressure from Russia regarding their cancellation statement from our side – from the President to the experts – they say that we have done are only the elements of information confrontation, which will continue to accompany the war of Russia with Ukraine. However, isolated from this situation, the realities of the technical plan associated with improving the combat capability of the Ukrainian troops, not in words but in deeds.

News: Ukraine successfully completed missile firing

1. Well, that began to carry out combat firing air defense systems – primarily the s-300. Because without fighting the whole battle starts costing is paper. The last years before the war – 2010-2014 – combat training in anti-aircraft missile troops (SMP), members of the Air forces of VS of Ukraine has undergone significant changes in the direction of simplification. In particular, the combat starts is a key element of the preparation was discontinued. Previously, such training was conducted at the site Chauda in the Crimea. In 2010 was the last attempt to carry out the practical tactical exercises with combat shooting of the twelve parts of the SMP at the site “Chauda”. But those exercises were cancelled.

So from 2010 to 2014, the crews of the SMP has not received practical experience in the use of its air defense system by fighting the triggers. That negatively affected the level of combat training of units of the SMP. If we consider that then there was the aggression, the cessation of using agents of influence in the form of “our” Ministers of defense combat training air defense that she was not threatened by Russian planes, of course, quite logical. This is the logic of the aggressor.

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Over the two years of the war combat launches of s-300 air defense of Ukraine also has not been done. Although there is an aggression and the use of enemy aircraft possible. Current launches – the first after a long break. Therefore, military exercises such as the present, the new landfill needs to happen in any real and political conditions and weather. As often as possible. Experience and skills of our defenses – our shield against the aggressor.

2. About what happens in these exercises. One of the tasks in addition to combat training, which was solved, this life extension missile system s-300.

When the situation on the missile subject looked, in my opinion, critical in 2012 was prepared and published my book series “Weapons of Ukraine”, “Shield power”, where all the current risks around our defense has been described. In may 2014, data from the book became one of the sections of the study, which was prepared by the Alliance of the two structures – information and consulting company Defense Express and the Center for army, conversion and disarmament. The title of the study: “Relative reduction (partial loss) the defense potential of Ukraine (in the period 2004 – 2014)”. It was prepared for open hearings, was presented to the parliamentary committees and law enforcement agencies for implementation of crisis prevention. Now this research is in the public domain.

Among other things, it stated: “On record is over 5,000 anti-aircraft guided missiles of various SAMS. Anti-aircraft guided missiles 5В28 to the s-200V – more than 1000 units; 5В55 to the s-300P – almost 3,000 units; PKR 9М8 to the s-300V is more than 800 units; PKR 9M38 and 9M38M1 to SAM “Buk-M1” – more than 1300 PKR Resource-300В1, s-200 has never been extended. These missiles cannot be used. S-300В1 and-200 recently decommissioned.

During 2007-2008 in coordination with the Russian side, where are the enterprise developers of these missiles, work was completed on the extension of five years of resource for anti-aircraft guided missiles 5В55 (s-300P), 9M38M1 (SAM “Buk-M1”). However, after that, missiles for the s-300P ended in 2012, “Buk-M1″ – in 2011 However, in 2011, statements were made by prominent representatives of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine that the resource stocks of anti-aircraft guided missiles will be depleted much later – at the turn of 2014 This allows you to make the assumption that such confusion was introduced quite deliberately to cover up the critical state of Affairs in this segment.”

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From myself I will add – the data regarding the condition and quantity of the missiles is well known and the Russian side (it’s about possible accusations in my direction), because with the Russian side in the future, including the 2014 Ukrainian authorities (Ministry of defense and “Ukroboronprom”) have conducted negotiations on the terms of extending life of anti-aircraft guided missiles for s-300 and “Buk”. Or the purchase of new missiles. With hindsight it is clear that this would never happen, because Russia’s goal was different. Disarmament, not arms for Ukraine.

Critical condition on the missiles, we have started to correct just now. However, in practice the measures – that will only delay for a while the problems associated with maintaining the combat readiness of our missile arsenals. The delay – but not a systemic solution.

3. The combat capability of air defense is prepared calculations, a sufficient number of the missiles, as well as intact complexes. The problem of our s-300 and “Beech” is not only a question of missiles. Now the most pressing thing is the lack of components for their repair. Like the klystrons and other high-frequency circuitry, which are now no longer produced, our reserves are exhausted, attempt to obtain it by any means from Russia or Belarus are accompanied by a serious battle of the secret services on both sides. Have heard that the FSB has put forward a considerable number of charges by representatives of Russian defense plants, or structures that had contacts with the Ukrainian authorities, or persons who tried to gain access to needed components.
“Import substitution” in this field forces the domestic companies in Ukraine are, according to my expert estimations, much slower than necessary. Despite the fact that in 2016 in Ukraine, as noted at the time Secretary of the national security Council, was declared the year of improving the combat capability of air defense. But to do some rocket launches for the New year – is not enough.

4. To increase the number of combat-ready anti-aircraft missile systems as part of the armed forces of Ukraine, it is necessary again and to return urgently to the proposals and projects presented by the company “aerotekhnika”. It is a modernization of s-125 and “Cube”. The projects has been offered the defence Ministry, given the proven technical solutions for modernization based on its own circuitry and sufficient stocks of missiles, which exceed the stocks of missiles for s-300 and “Books”. These projects have already been implemented in the metal. Take and put in battle order. Quickly and efficiently. Additionally you can have I think up to 20 divisions. Knows that the President and the defense Ministry. What do you expect in war?

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5. Similar story with the creation of new anti-aircraft missile complex medium range. Several leading Ukrainian companies doing this work in the interests of the customer, because our defense Ministry is “calves” – the same as s-125 and “Cube”. No money, no solutions.

6. It is necessary to intensify work on development of our new range all the necessary technical means and measurement and other for the data retrieved during testing of the upgraded and new weapons. We are talking about rocket, anti-missile and aircraft weaponry. Each stage of testing new models is a complex work on the technical difficulties and errors. When every second flight a new or upgraded missile is documented by technical means with different parameters – then this significantly speeds up the improvement process of the sample, makes work on mistakes. So good has the range we need as a basic element in our movement to new weapons. As for anti-aircraft missile and other genera and species of troops.

…And to new and effective weapons, we must talk less and do more.

Sergey Zgurets

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