What kind of prices to expect for rental apartments in Sumy for the weekend and may holidays?

Каких цен ожидать на аренду квартир в Сумах на выходные и майские праздники?

The demand for apartments for rent in Sumy, each time increases on the weekend, and the situation has further changed with the approaching holidays.

This year may coincide with Easter, and although a tourist boom and not planned, housing in the city will rise.

What kind of prices to expect?

The prices of apartments for rent in Sumy is definitely not up to the level of such tourist centers as, say, Kiev or Lviv. So because of sky-high checks You need not worry. But the cost of rent for may holidays will still grow compared to weekdays.

If the game is not a festive day to rent a Studio apartment for two people in the city is from 200 hryvnia per day, on weekends and holidays do not expect a price below 350 USD. For rent two-bedroom apartments for 4 guests per day You pay a minimum of 500 hryvnia, and three-room for 6 people will cost around 600 USD – reports Miete.com.ua.

Before renting, you should clarify all the nuances of pricing. For example, the cost almost always depends on the number of guests and extra beds will be charged separately. Upon arrival it is obligatory to leave a Deposit – usually it is equal to one night cost. Please note that this money can not be refunded in case of violation of certain terms of the lease.

For a fee, some owners are willing to provide additional services. As for the discount, if the settlement in a normal weekend You may be lucky to negotiate the price in case of longer stays, for holidays in may, such a condition in the majority of owners is missing.

What are warning owners?

One of the main conditions that put owners to potential tenants – banning of the parties or other loud events. So many owners not prefer to settle in a big company, and if in the apartment will live more than a specified number of people, possible eviction.

Will there be rules for the holidays a little softer, because it is for a holiday company coming to town? This should be discussed with the landlord in advance. It is possible that some of them will concede, if You offer a large sum for the lease. At the same time of the booking it is better to agree in advance – the cheapest and comfortable apartments in the center of Sumy can be busy on holidays for another week.

With renting an apartment for the weekend and may holidays of difficulties should not arise – the choice of housing is sufficient, and the owners can also be traded. The main thing is to plan everything in advance and discuss all the nuances before booking – if the hire is successful, and hence all the rest goes well.