What to see in summer 2017 movie

Что посмотреть летом 2017 в кино

Cinema is one of the most popular attractions, which draws thousands
the audience, despite their age and film tastes. Traditionally summer
months – the long-awaited premieres and the release of sequels grossing films. Not
exception and the current year, because in July and August, spectators are expecting tens of
interesting pictures.

Opens summer new movies of 2017 – the French film “Forever young.” In an autobiographical picture of Guillaume Canet, which was originally called Rock&Roll, describes the life of the Director undergoing a midlife crisis. In my forties Gios know that no longer like the representatives of the fair sex and decides to change something. The film also starred the notorious Marion Cotillard, who, as a partner of the Director, played herself. “Forever young” is positioned as a Comedy, so fans of light French films he’d like.

The comics fans are in for another surprise – the release of the next movie about Spider-Man.

This time Peter Parker is destined to face not only with a new enemy, but also new

mentor, whose role will be performing none other than Tony stark, aka “Iron

man.” The film will be released on wide screens called “Spider-Man:

Return home”. The film will be the third reboot the franchise about a superhero, and

this means that we will have a new cast.

Those who like quality fiction, you can go to the third part of the remake

“Planet of the apes: War”. The events of the second part left us on the brink of war between

a population of intelligent apes, led by Caesar and by men who

went through tough times together under the protection of the city. This time primates

will face the terrible Colonel, and what will turn for Caesar and his companions

a new confrontation is unknown.

He who seeks good mood, will find it not only in normal but also online

theaters. Fans of Italian cinema will enjoy the Comedy “will and

come off”, which can be viewed from the comfort of home. The film tells about the scientists who, because of financial problems, were forced to join the gang to create a new drug.

To learn more about the movies that come out or is already out in theaters this summer, you

can on the pages of a thematic portal ivi.ru. In the section of novelties and trailers

lists all films that will appeal to audiences of all ages and