What to watch on Easter: 7 films on biblical themes

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

Risen (Risen)

Release date: 16 APR 2016

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Country: USA

With the upcoming holidays, a film by Kevin Reynolds the Risen connected in a very direct way: it is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We can say that the script Reynolds helps to plunge into the historical realities of the time and to feel the spirit of bygone Rome. In the sacred book of Christianity are the records of the Romans of that time, so you can believe what the Director and screenwriter in one person raised archival documents and manuscripts in order to reliably convey the atmosphere of the period in the life of Jesus Christ. Due to this, the viewer finds himself right in the epicenter of biblical events.

In the end we can say that the picture Reynolds with a budget of $ 20 million. fully justified itself. We cannot put on a par with the drama of Mel Gibson’s “the passion of the Christ”, because they are sure – time will do it for us.

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

The Passion of the Christ (Passion of Christ)

Release date: 25 Feb 2004

Director: Mel Gibson

Country: USA

On the script for Gibson worked in company with screenwriter Benedict Fitzgerald. However, the recent thirst for money has undermined the friendly relationship of co-writers. The case went to trial, but now not about it.

“The passion of the Christ” — a film quite hard to follow. It is unlikely that someone will want to revise the picture in any other days, except Easter.

As for the cast, and criteria for their selection, are happy to introduce – not the “stardom” and “popularity” here played a crucial role, and the desire of actors to live another life. This approach, in our view, the only correct one. After all we are talking about the sublime, therefore, to be a participant in the episode, crowning the passion of Christ and preceding the burial, and the Resurrection – Christ’s execution, a Grand responsibility. And since the writers carefully approached to selection, acting role, as the overall picture is able to touch upon the most moderate of fans.

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur)

Release date: 18 Nov 1959

Director: William Wyler

Country: USA

On this picture the Americans had high hopes: the film was supposed to save the Studio MGM from bankruptcy. And I have to admit, the mission, Wyler had done — with a budget of $ 15 million he collected around the world $ 70 million.

Just be warned: a non-standard film length is 4 hours. Perhaps that is why the Director managed to tell a lot. As for the storyline, it is multifaceted. Here and children’s friendship, turning over the years, in irreconcilable hostility, the theme of morality and humanity, conscience, the theme of war and, of course, not without love.

Unable to question and to weigh, but the numbers speak for themselves: the film won 11 Oscars.

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

Exodus: Gods and Kings (Exodus: Gods and Kings)

Release date: December 3, 2014

Director: Ridley Scott

Country: USA

A key character of the movie was the liberator of the Jewish people from Egyptian captivity – the prophet Moses. The religious duration of the plot is 2.5 hours. At this time, Ridley Scott was able to accommodate all the trials and suffering that had to endure the nation, before she found long-awaited freedom.

The first thing that catches the eye is the power and splendor of the Egyptian army, hard work and endured the sorrows of the Jewish nation, gnoblenie and beating of slaves. What is happening on stage captivates from the first minutes and involves, reports ethnics of ancient Egypt. The great pyramids, the pursuit of the Egyptians, the Majesty of ancient Egypt – here’s the then atmospheric.

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages (Intolerance)

Release date: 5 Aug 1916

Director: David Wark Griffith

Country: USA

“Intolerance: Love’s struggle throughout the ages” — the movie, considered a masterpiece of early American cinema. It without any exaggeration can be called one of the best paintings of his time. In addition, the staggering scale of the filming. In the bulk stage involved an incredible amount of people. Scenery and costumes can be viewed for hours, and considering the year of release of the film, the process becomes more attractive. It all says only one thing: the cost of the film (385 907 thous.) fully justified itself.

Before the advent of the Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages almost no one imagined that it is possible to experiment with color. Thanks to Griffith’s moving pictures has gained unprecedented strength. The Director, as they say now, was the engine of progress. And for that – to him be the glory, honor and praise.

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

Life of Brian (Life of Brian by Monty Python)

Release date: 17 August 1979

Director: Terry Jones

Country: United Kingdom

Will dilute our hit parade of Comedy in 1979, written, staged and played by members of the British comedian group Monty Python.

The team was pleased with a good sense of humor, and therefore thirty years later, the audience accepts it with enthusiasm. Under the gun Director is the religion in which he was able to see the comical elements. As noted by critics, the intellectual humor of the author: without knowledge of the historical and political aspects, to laugh here will not work.

Adaptation of the scandalous film in the seventies – it’s kind of mysticism. While viewing the picture, all the while wondering “How is this film like to go in a religious country?”

But, regardless, the extremely negative responses of the faithful, modern film critics picture 1979 the Life of Brian Monty Python’s” still not written off.

Brian — a Jew-a slob living with his mother. In his 33 years he nothing to boast. But deciding to speak out against the Roman occupation of Judea, he accidentally gets mistaken for the new Messiah by the crowd of people on the market. And here, instead of having to buy turnips in the square, crowds of people begin to pursue Brian and ask for the recipe for the elixir of longevity. What will come of this — see for yourself.

Что смотреть на Пасху: 7 фильмов на библейские сюжеты

The Prince of Egypt (Prince of Egypt)

Release date: 1998

Director: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells

Country: USA

Before you instructive biblical cartoon which fairly closely the text of the Bible. In 1998, DreamWorks took an exemplary animated picture – the first musical feature multfilmi. The plot tells the story of Jewish prophet Moses: the Director presents the viewer with children’s and youthful years of the prophet, and smoothly leads to the very important period in the life of the hero, the Exodus — the liberation of the people of Israel from the oppression of slavery in Egypt.

The film blurs the boundaries of age and unites generations. I advise to watch both adults and children.