What you need to know about importing cars from America to Ukraine AuctionExport

Что нужно знать об импорте автомобилей из Америки в Украину - AuctionExport

After the entry into force of act No. 3251 1 August 2016, the Ukrainians became much cheaper to import cars from North America and Europe because of lower rates of excise duty.

Now buy, for example, sedan 2012 Volkswagen Golf with a 1.4 liter engine will save the owner as much as 2 600 US dollars.

However, the validity of the new tariff until the end of 2018. Those who would like to purchase a personal vehicle must have enough time to organize everything within one and a half years to be more profitable to implement the plan.

Important to know: to qualify for this rate, and save on customs clearance, the imported vehicle must meet four main criteria.

• Model year must be no older than 1.01.2010.
• Small volume engine (ideally, no more than 2.2 liters).
• Compliance with the ecological standard Euro-5, and 1.01.2018 – Euro-6.
• The new tariff rate does not apply to vehicles imported from countries of the aggressors.

Thus, buy a used car either from Europe or from USA/Canada. Among the main reasons why American cars often prefer, we can list the following seven:
1. The opportunity to buy as “clean” and smashed car through a wholesale auction for the lowest price;
2. Minimal wear and tear on vehicles due to good road condition and the fact that Americans change their cars every 2 to 5 years;
3. Decent quality materials for high standards of quality control of manufactured and imported goods in the United States and Canada.
4. The average American car is bigger and has more standard options in the base specifications;
5. A wide selection of makes and models of vehicles;
6. You can check history of car VIN number to learn about the number of owners of registered accidents and other important points;
7. Some companies can offer you services for selection and acquisition of spare parts.

Although purchase a car directly from the wholesale auctions like Manheim, or IAA, will not work without a special license and American citizenship, an interested buyer can search and find a licensed broker in the States or Canada, which will help with participation in auction and signing the deal.

Some companies, such as Auction Export, offer a full range of services from search cars according to specified customer specifications, and purchase via an auction or dealer, prior to the issuance of documents for export and deliver straight to the port of Odessa. In fact, the buyer offered to pick any car to pay for it and shipping and then to wait, receiving notifications of changes in status of delivery.

Of course, you should be careful in the selection of a mediator, to avoid online scams, but we all have become accustomed to buying goods on the Internet and the algorithm checks the “authenticity” of the company more or less the same.

What to look for when choosing a company broker?
• Year of Foundation of the company. The more time a company in the automotive export and import, the more secure.
• A license required. With that in North America, especially in Canada, are very strict and one violation of the prescribed validity or scope of activities may deny a license for many years.
• In the United States has a special organization for the observance of the rules of honest business. Every self-respecting company aims to have an accredited profile on the official website of the Better Business Bureau where it is not so easy to get.
• Customer reviews. View in social networks, forums, and just “Google” the company name.

The strongest advantage of the import cars can be considered the possibility of obtaining a car online without leaving the comfort of our own home and country. With the right choice of the seller to save on import car quite possible and actually very simple.