When celebrating the day of airborne in 2018: holiday traditions

Когда отмечают день ВДВ в 2018 году: традиции праздника

Navy day in Ukraine to 2018

How and when to celebrate the Day of airborne troops in Ukraine? Why Navy Day was moved to November 21?

In Ukraine Day of airborne troops, which until recently was celebrated on 2 August, known as the Day the airborne assault troops. APU. Starting in 2017, the airborne forces Day is celebrated on 21 November, the anniversary of the events on the Maidan.


The date of the celebration of the professional holiday of paratroopers was established in memory of the first landing “landing forces” during a training exercise in the Russian region of Voronezh on 2 August 1930. Then 12 military landed at a certain point of the execution of the learning task.

Когда отмечают день ВДВ в 2018 году: традиции праздника

Navy day in Ukraine to 2018

A year has officially formed a troop unit. Until 1946, the “blue berets” belonged to the air force, they were later included in the land. With the advent of independence, the landing troops began an independent entity.

Was celebrated in Ukraine since 1999 and was called the Day of airmobile troops.

Since 2012, the feast was called the Day of the airborne troops.

Last year the President of Ukraine signed a Decree on the transfer date of the celebration and renaming of the need to revive the national military identity.

Petro Poroshenko believed that it is extremely important for the education of Ukrainian patriotism to create a modern tradition of the glorification of the victories of Ukrainian troops.

How to celebrate the day of airborne forces

Traditionally, in “his” holiday Marines wearing blue berets and vests. Former military and those who currently serve in landing troops meet in order to participate in official events, and then have fun.

Until 2017, the Ukrainian military personnel on 2 August laid flowers to the monuments to Afghans participated in the worship services. Then the Marines definitely bathed in the fountains. Starting in 2014 airborne soldiers distanced themselves from this tradition in tribute to those who died in the Donbas and now taking part in the ATO.

If earlier “desantura” staged drunken riots, the last time the festival was celebrated quietly, in the family.

Congratulations with Day of airborne forces


You’re a paratrooper, pride of our

Everything is always ready!

And may the fellowship of your

You will unite without words.

So celebrate this holiday

You’re no pain in the head.

Among the words good different

Shout “Glory VDV!”


For desantura our vast

Heady glass today I poured.

I drink to those who serve military service,

Or it once served.

Insidious enemy let hopelessly torn –

Can’t get to it in a deep peaceful rear

When in the ranks – defenders of the Fatherland,

Marines Military and Air forces.

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