When you listen to the volunteers, everything they say should be divided in half

Когда вы слушаете волонтеров, все, что они говорят, надо делить пополам

Vlashchenko: tonight we will hold a people’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Brigintsa.

Good evening. You submitted the bill to celebrate Christmas on 24 December and 7 January. But in our country many faiths. Why not make then the state Islamic holidays? Why do you propose to make public only the Christian holidays in a country where the separation of Church and state?

Bryhynets: Even when the separation of Church and state, and rightly so, the state sets what holiday is a day off, not weekends. That is, the Church has its own traditions, and the state has its own. When the state declares a day off, she does not interfere in Church activities, she even doesn’t cooperate – it just makes the action that can benefit the society. I am absolutely convinced, from my own experience that today Ukraine celebrates two Christmases. Everyone knows when Christmas is in December, and everyone knows when Christmas is in January.

– What about other faiths?

– Other faiths, the Orthodox, does not exist – all celebrating either way. My deep conviction that, besides red and black of calendar days in Ukraine should be, relatively speaking, grey. I this concept has not filed as a bill, because it requires extensive discussion, but I’d leave the holidays only a few holidays that are of course important for the whole country. Other days I would have made conventionally festive, from which people can choose those holidays, which he will celebrate and not go to work, and other days will go. And in this sense Jewish, and Muslim holidays, too, could get into this list, because that is absolutely correct.

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– You only want religious holidays to do the output?

Why? And on may 9? Some say that it is necessary to celebrate may 9, and the other that 8. Two days is also wrong. So I would give people the ability to choose when not to work. Such tradition exists in France, where very few holidays, and all the rest can be festive at the request of the person. Man has a certain amount of days that he’d like to celebrate. This is, firstly, would improve the work of many institutions, agencies and enterprises, and on the other hand would give people the ability to have a choice.

– Many experts speak about the danger of excessive clericalism in the state, because it is a private matter of each person, what he believed. The state should not take it.

– Yes, I agree. But Christmas eve 24 December is celebrated by millions. How to be in this case? I got in the spring was the law, where I proposed to cancel several weekends: may 1-2, 8 March.

Journalists estimate that one third of the year we rest.

– My other bill is that if a holiday falls on a weekend day, it does not carry over to Monday.

What if we worked on Constitution Day – we would only support its Constitution, right?

– I also think so. But if to consider, how our Parliament – that today he is very populist. I do not believe that our Parliament is able to make a decision that will take at least one day off. Deputies think that people are so stupid that they do not understand that when the crisis in the country, it is necessary to work and not rest.

– You as the adviser of the Minister of information Yuriy Stets. Volunteer N. Berlin said that the occupied and adjacent areas almost no work with the local population is not carried out. But we created this Ministry to work with those areas which we have not worked.

– When you listen to the volunteers, everything they say should be divided in half.

I believe in their sincerity.

Yes. But we have very fashionable this situation, which I would call “sincere lie.” A man sincerely believes in what he says. Today, volunteers raise money to buy the soldiers a little something. In fact, this problem in the army there. Today every person who is in the army, has a smartphone, the Internet, they have a big salary, and if someone does not have enough socks, he certainly can afford to buy. But the volunteer, who spent two years helping the army needs to convince himself that his work is also needed. Needed, but not so, not such a mission this work. This mission is not material but spiritual. It is more important today for soldiers. The fact that the soldier has no form of armor is not true. The problem is that the number of forms a person must be at least 3. This is a problem. Today, when you arrive in any division, you see that they prepare yourself another meal, not the one you offer them centrally. It’s not because the food is bad, but because they have the opportunity to go to the market and buy what they want. If we talk about the biggest success, which I believe took place during this period is that running local channels. People can finally see not only the Central television.

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– Why some of the journalists were not allowed to open the tower on Karachun?

Is SBU. In order to work in the ATO zone, every journalist need to get the accreditation. It is issued by the press center of the ATO, with the permission of the SBU. Those people did not have such permission. I so appreciate that.

– In each regional or district center was the Studio. What do you mean when you say that you have created multiple channels?

– In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions they were not, because they were in Donetsk and Lugansk. It so happened that before the creation of the Ministry of information policy this topic generally forgotten. Donetsk the channel remained in Donetsk, Lugansk in Lugansk, some journalists left, and local TV was not. Created a “up To You”, gathered a lot of journalists, and they give a lot of local information. People want to see stories about how they live every day.

– Why do you think in two years failed to upgrade at least some of the weapons?

On the contrary, a lot of weapons today, is upgraded. This also applies to missiles, and a variety of armored vehicles. Another thing is that we did not make qualitatively new types of weapons. Can begin to develop a new weapon that might give us once the Americans when need be, to spend the money on ammunition to prepare soldiers.

– You voted for the removal of immunity from Novinsky and know it?

– Yes, of course. I know this story from the times of the Maidan. I can’t say that I studied this subject deeply, but I’ve heard talk that there is a conflict between Vladimir and Yanukovych, and is the holding society.

– Are you sure Novinsky did?

– No. The principle is that many MPs say that each attorney General, in opening the criminal case, you need to vote. And I am the author of a law that at least suggests, the parole abroad. If people violate the law is another issue. Our government has the opportunity to inform the guards at all borders.

– The scandalous case Onishchenko, the scale provides not yet know yet.

– This is very similar to the virtual dirt, because from the point of view of protection Onishchenko does it seems all right. That is, it tries to translate its economic crime in a political status. But if he has something else, then it’s not worse than what we already saw.

Our law enforcement needs to start checking all these cases?

Yes. In 2013, all people know these cases when the Parliament had money. Today there is a fierce struggle between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. If I had the money, then Tymoshenko would know about it, and she would definitely took advantage of this and released it. You can prevent that Onishchenko has its own group of deputies, and I admit that he, working with his deputies, have used these methods of influence on them, which are convenient to him. I assume that he paid his twenty-something MPs for every vote.

– You said that the state today is not even half of the corruption that was until 2014. But the numbers say otherwise.

– No numbers. Everything that happened under Yanukovych, does not give any figures. Statistics show that we have a big corruption than in Russia. This is impossible, because corruption in Russia is part of the state strategy, the same as it was under Yanukovych. Not a single thing did not happen in the state without corruption – how it is possible to count? I think that today many find it convenient to break the relationship that developed earlier and continue to pay. I know a lot of people who don’t pay, for example, doctors.

– I’m talking about public corruption, not on domestic. For example, corruption in customs.

– About customs I can not say, but I know a lot of people who offered to go to work as the heads of administrations, and they did not.

– You wrote that we were not given eurovisi due to the fact that the EU is worse to cope with Putin. And at what here Putin?

– Ukraine has fulfilled all the EU conditions for bizwise. Now they say they don’t give bezviz, because you can’t agree on how these visas to be cancelled. No one officially said that the reason is corruption in our state. Talk about corruption of our politicians, our opposition that issue is that supposedly the reason for that is corruption. Corruption – no, we have no problem.

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– Your question?

– Kadyrov-Onishchenko in his statement said that he bribed the media to spread negative information about Yatsenyuk. Why none of the journalists never said that he would like to know the names of the media who took money from Kadyrov?

– I would, for example, wanted to know. But as far as I know, these information campaigns have already been more involved not the media, and bloggers. The names of these bloggers are famous because you always see that the person works in social networks.

Thank you very much, Sasha.

Когда вы слушаете волонтеров, все, что они говорят, надо делить пополам
Когда вы слушаете волонтеров, все, что они говорят, надо делить пополам

Когда вы слушаете волонтеров, все, что они говорят, надо делить пополам