Where and when to watch the fight Alexander Usik – Tony Bellew

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

Where and when to watch the Boxing Usyk vs Bellew

Where and what time will start the fight Alexander Usik with Briton Tony Bellew? The last battles and won the titles of boxers.

The next fight of the Ukrainian heavyweight champion, now with a boxer from great Britain, will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018. The battle will take place in Manchester stadium Manchester Arena in front of twenty-thousand-strong audience.

At stake 4 belt owned by Cirrus, version: WBC, IBF, WBO, WBA super and The Ring. In addition, each of the boxers will receive a considerable financial reward. According to unconfirmed information, the Ukrainian athlete fee of about $ 3 million. Text online broadcast of the fight on our website Korrespondent.net

Where to watch battle of the Mustache

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

Battle of the Mustache against Tony Bellew / photo: iSport.ua

Fight in Ukraine live officially shows the inter TV channel. Beginning at 23.30.

Users of satellite television can see the battle of the boxers in the ring on sports television channels in the UK and Ireland by Sky Sports.

Also the match will be broadcast the official online broadcaster in Ukraine FightingVision.com.

The excitement of battle is enormous, so the match will be broadcast in cinemas. To watch the battle on the big screen fans invited Alexander Barbel, referring to the fans from your page in Facebook.

In some cinemas before the broadcast of the fight will be showing a documentary about the Ukrainian boxer an Absolute Champ. Start at 23.00

Alexander Usik and its path in the career

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

Boxing Alexander Usik / photo: iSport.ua

Ukrainian, 31, born in in Simferopol. He has 15 victories in professional fights, 11 of them ended in a knockout. In professional fights, the Ukrainians never lost.

Started Boxing at the age of 15, and before that played football and judo. Won the competition was in 2005 in Budapest – then the Tendril won the Junior championship in the Middleweight division. A year later he was third at the European Championship.

In 2008 he moved to light heavyweight, and soon won the Olympic license. At the Olympic games lost in the second round. After the competition has passed in heavy weight category.

In 2009, the Ukrainian became the third in the world Championship, and in 2011 won it. Lucky for the boxer was the 2012 Olympic year. Oleksandr Usyk became the Olympic champion, winning the final of the Italian Clemente Russo.

In 2013, he moved to professional Boxing. The first major title – interim champion of the WBO Inter-Continental has won in 2014. In 2015 after defeating Russian Andrey Knyazev became the champion under version WBO.

In 2016, defeated pole Krzysztof glowacki, the late South African Thabiso Mchunu, and in April 2017 – American Michael hunter.

Tony Bellew: familiarity with the athlete, preparing for battle

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

The fight Bellew vs Alexander Usik / photo: iSport.ua

35-year-old Tony Bellew (Bomber) was born in Liverpool. Had 33 fights, 20 of them ended by knockout. Twice Bellew lost the first time to compatriot Nathan cleverly in 2011, the canadian Adonis Stevenson in 2013.

Earlier it was engaged in kickboxing. In 2002 she moved to Amateur Boxing, where he was undefeated. In 2006 he moved to heavy weight. On account of Tony’s 40 wins in the Amateur ring, 32 of them won by knockout.

In late 2007 Tony Bellew decided to move to a professional League and competed in the light heavyweight division. Serious victories begin in 2010. First title – champion of great Britain.

In 2014, Bellew speaks in the first heavy weight, becoming Intercontinental champion for the WBO title. In 2016, the British defeated the American BJ Flores and won the title of world champion under version WBC. 2017 Bellew in the lightweight division. In March of that year defeated titled boxer David Haye.

Last fights and won titles boxers

In the summer of 2017, the Cirrus team has decided to participate in the tournament World Boxing Super Series. In July of 2018 Alexander Usik won the tournament beating in the final on points to Russian Murat Gassieva. Today, the Mustache, the absolute world champion in the first heavy weight under version WBA super, WBC, IBF, WBO and The Ring.

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

Oleksandr Usyk vs Tony Bellew / photo: iSport.ua

Immediately after the fight with Gassieva Mustache was called to fight Tony Bellew. The Ukrainian explained its decision by saying that the Englishman knows how to fight, so fight with him will be very exciting.

Recently, the Ukrainian signed a promotion contract with Eddie Hinnom and company Matchroom Boxing, which also represents the interests and Tony Bellew.

In may 2018 was held on the rematch between Tony Bellew and David Haye. In the fifth round, Bellew defeated compatriot technical knockout.

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

Bellew – Mustache the battle / photo: iSport.ua

The following contenders to fight with Bellew was Andre ward, Dillion white or the winner of the battle Mustache-Gassiev. In the end it was the fight with Ukrainian and Bellew will hold November 10.

Scandals, predictions of the battle: the views of experts and bookmakers

Где и когда смотреть бой Александр Усик – Тони Беллью

Boxing Bellew vs Moustache / photo: iSport.ua

September 22 was the first meeting Bellew and antennae in a duel views. Both entered the ring before the fight Alexander Povetkin and Anthony Joshua in London. No scandals and loud statements this meeting is not remembered.

Later Usik said that Tony said that is not afraid of him, and the Briton just looked at the opponent’s eyes. Recently held a press conference where the athletes joked and spoke kindly about each other.

The British are determined to win and said that after the fight he may end his career in professional Boxing.

The bout November 10 will be held in the first heavy weight, while the Ukrainian said about the transition to heavy category. Bellew, on the contrary herding weight and fall of heavywater.

Experts-sports experts a clear preference in the match to give the Ukrainian heavyweight. But David Haye, who twice defeated Bellew, “puts” the victory of the compatriot.

The bookmakers victory of Alexander Usik with a factor of 1.14, Bellew is 6.20, the option of draw – Ghost of 26.0.

Promotional video of the Moustache-Belle (video)

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