Where to go in Kiev on the weekend of 16-17 March

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

Where to go in Kiev on the weekend

Events on 16-17 March, 2019. The March weekend in the capital will be very intense. In Kiev you can visit a lot of interesting activities for every taste.

Korrespondent.net traditionally, will tell you how to spend a weekend in Kiev. March 16-17 is to go to various concerts, theatre performances, jazz festival, fun to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In the capital continues to run the Festival Giant Chinese lanterns on the Singing field, there are representations of German circus Black and White.

Black and White

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

Black and White circus / photo: Bodo Life

Until April 21 in Ukraine touring a Modern German Circus “Black & White”. Your presentation, they will show on the weekends. German circus artists will offer the audience a thrilling stunts (some of them deadly, such as “Wheel of death” and “Icarian games”), as well as surround sound, sparkling spectacle of light, phenomenal special effects, the combination of which creates a dynamic and sensational spectacle.

The program is designed for more than 2 hours. Participating artists from Mexico, Colombia, unique athlete from India who demonstrate talent anthological yoga and other Indian circus will perform workshop playing with Diabolo and juggling with led balls. The climax was flying motobiker, who are winners of international festivals. Well, to entertain the audience will be modern clowns. At 12.00 and 16.00.

Where: Kiev University, national Circus of Ukraine, PR-t Pobedy,1

Cost: 150-590 UAH.

Festival Giant Chinese Lanterns

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

Festival Giant Chinese Lanterns / photo: Ivona – bigmir)net

A unique festival, the first in Eastern Europe similar type is working in Singing field. The Pechersk landscape Park placed Svetloye large-scale installations, each of which symbolizes the Chinese legend or folk tale.

The audience of 30 exhibitions: Gardens of pandas and flamingos, Cinderella carriage, forest with deer, and the Central place will occupy the dragon with a height of 40 meters. The festival will be held the Festival of fire and light, animatronics, and master classes. On weekends a traditional festive show program. Last Festival the exhibition until March 31. Beginning at 17.00

Where: Kiev, M. Arsenalna, Singing field, lavrska street,33

Cost: 120-150 UAH.

“Vivaldimania” concert of ancient music

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

“Vivaldimania” concert of ancient music / photos: MoeMisto

16 Mar fans of classics invites you to plunge into the era of Vivaldi. Students will be able to enjoy the chamber cantatas in the performance of early Baroque instruments: harpsichord and lute.

Where: Kiev, Teatralnaya, the Lutheran Church of St. Catherine, Lyuteranskaya str., 22

Cost: 150-300 UAH

Student League of laughter in Kiev

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

Student League of laughter in Kiev / photo: Bodo Life

March 16, in a duel for the title of winner of the Metropolitan League of laughter will mate 50 teams and 12 star coaches. The event is held for the second year in a row, again leading the League will be the competitor “Quarter 95” Stepan Kazanin. Beginning at 18.00

Where: Kiev, M. University, NUFT, Volodymyrska str., 68

Cost: 50-150 UAH.

XVIII international jazz festival “Unity”

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

XVIII international jazz festival “Unity” / photo: Contract

On March 15-16 in Moscow will host the traditional extravaganza of jazz, with the support of the Ukrainian Association of jazz. This year it is expected the participation of: big band NMAU “created especially for special occasions”, Victoria’s Korienek and Oleg Macbeth, Art Prestige, “the Mayor Gray Trio”, “Kyiv Art Ensemble”, Vladimir Tarasov and “big Yellow bend”, Inessa Ivanytska and “jazz city band”, “Parniczky Quartet”, “Z-Band” by Igor Zakus. Master – entertainer Valery chiglyaev. Beginning at 18.00.

In previous seasons, the festival was attended by more than 800 musicians from 30 countries.

Where: Kiev, M. Olympic, Kyiv national operetta theatre, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 53/3

Cost: 80-500 UAH.


Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

St. Patrick’s day / photo: Our Kiev

March 17 in English-speaking countries celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate the occasion, offering everyone this Saturday at Docker Pub. Traditionally on this day, for example, in Ireland, wearing green clothes, sit at the bar with a beer, listening to folk and fun dancing under incendiary songs. That way to spend the evening on 16 March. Party starts at 21.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Heroes of Dnepr, Docker Pub, bogatyrska, 25

Cost: 125-1400 UAH

Rock Symphony

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

Rock Symphony / photo: YouTube

March 17 on the main stage of the country will be a Grand show: at one site will work for Symphony orchestra, choir and rock band. The concert is a single monolithic piece in which the compositions are quietly follow each other. A better perception of music contributes to the stunning set design and lighting design. The concert involved 160 artists. Beginning at 15.00, 19.00.

Where: Kiev, M. the Palace “Ukraine” NDI “Ukraine”, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 103

Price: 1550-1750 UAH

Women’s quarter, the Concert encore!

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

Women’s quarter, the Concert encore! / photo: Poltava-info

March 17 will be held the second show of the “Women’s quarter”, the first held in the fall, broke all sorts of ratings and was warmly received by the audience. “Women’s quarter” – a unique combination of humor, beauty and style. Talented girls will definitely give the audience with a different sense of humor: it is spicy and sometimes “black” jokes touch on topics close to everyone. 19.00

Where: Kiev, M. pochayna, Freedom Event Hall, St Cyril, 134

Cost: 690-2490 UAH

LADIES’ NIGHT Kiev style

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 16-17 марта

LADIES’ NIGHT Kiev style / photo: google.com

Sunday will premiere a world famous sold-out performance. Involved in the production of popular Ukrainian actors, comedians, singers and entertainers, live music by “Orchestra by Lirnik”. Actors: Anton Lirnyk, Alexander Pedan, Vlad Yama, Arsen Mirzoyan, Sergey Babkin, Sergey Biblow, Alexander Stankevich, Anatoly Anatolich. The beginning at 20.00

Where: Kiev, M. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, NCII (October Palace), the Alley of Heroes Heavenly Hundreds, 1

Cost: 300-2700 UAH.

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