Where to go in Kiev on the weekend of 8-9 December

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Where to go in Kiev on the weekend

Events on 8 and 9 December 2018. This weekend, the approach of the New year will be already visible. The people of Kiev and guests will not be bored, the capital hosts many interesting activities for every taste.

Kiev is literally filled with different events and choose the ones that are worth visiting in the first place, is quite difficult.

Korrespondent.net traditionally, will tell you how to spend a weekend in Kiev. December 8-9 in the capital you can visit: the opening of the Christmas fun Park, charity fairs, market clothes, music award, performances for children and adults. This weekend you can come to the performance of popular artists or simply just guessing.

The amusement Park “Dreamland zimova on BDHR”

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

The amusement Park “Dreamland zimova on BDHR” / photo: kp.ua

This Saturday will be the opening of a new amusement Park. Starting from 8 December to 10 March BDHR will work the main holiday location in the country. In season 2018-2019 here you can go on the rink, visit the fair and the castle of ice sculptures, to communicate with Santa Claus at his residence and more.

Where: Kiev, M. Convention and Exhibition center, Expocenter of Ukraine, prospect Akademika Glushkova, 1,

Price: entertainment from 35 UAH one visit to 290 UAH. – combined ticket

“VSI. Svoï. The festive collection”

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

“VSI. Svoï. Holiday collection” / photo: WoMo.ua

December 8-9 in the market will present its products to about 200 Ukrainian brands of clothes, shoes and accessories. So, on the 1 floor, manufacturers of festive clothing, the second will offer shoes, bags and clothes, but a warm and casual clothing will be located on the 3rd floor.

On the market you can purchase items holiday collections of such brands as: a LOT, Anna Brodskaya, VIDANA, MYATA, J. D. Wool, Shade of PIONI, LYUMOS, Blow Fashion, MOVA, by ELENA PIGUL, ZELO. Duhmjanyj workshop Clothing, booriva, MACA, Emphasis, SELFIE by Deeva, IVAN FOTESKO, TD25 and other. Beginning at 10.00.

Where: Kiev, St. tithe, 12

Cost: admission is free

Christmas Courage Bazaar

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Christmas Courage Bazaar / photo: bodo.ua

Saturday-Sunday on BDHR held another charity Courage Bazaar. The purpose of the event – purchase gifts for children who are treated at the Cancer Institute, the Institute of neurosurgery and Institute of cardiovascular surgery. Besides gifts, the children will organize an unforgettable new year performance.

On the “Courage” plan to sell Christmas paraphernalia, decorations, will be working the food area with traditional winter food and drink: “Olivier”, mulled wine, toffee apples and almond cakes. Guests on “Courage” will call Good and Bad Santa, so the kids can sit on their knees and ask for the gifts. Beginning at 11.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Exhibition centre, the national Expocentre of Ukraine, pavilion 19 BDHR, PR-t Akademika Glushkova, 1,

Cost: 100 UAH (30 of them for charity). For children under 12, people with disabilities, birthdays, seniors, pregnant women, veterans of the ATO, the admission is free.

“Divination on St. Nicholas day”

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

“Divination on St. Nicholas day” / photo: parkkyivrus.com

Show in the Park “Kievan Rus” will be held December 8-9. Divination Andrew has long been considered the main entertainment of young people in December. Andrew vechornytsi waited a whole year and carefully prepared for the occasion.

The organizers promise during divination to observe the ancient tradition, to follow the beliefs. Part fortune-telling can take visitors of both sexes. In the holiday program lots of other entertainment: games, quests, dance workshops, a performance of equestrian theater.

Where: Kiev, the Kievan Rus Park

Cost: ticket price: ticket for adults — 150 UAH. for seniors and students — 100 UAH. for school-age children — 50 UAH. for preschoolers — free of charge.


Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Alekseev / photo: afisha.tochka.net

On 8 December at club Indigo will be a concert of a talented young performer who has a unique style of performance songs: connecting Palatnik music and deep emotional performance. Alekseev was nominated for the award Yuna in the nomination “Opening of year”.

Song Nikita Alexeev “Drunken sunshine” 8 weeks headed the radio charts all post-Soviet countries and achieved platinum status on iTunes. At the concert the audience will hear new hits of the singer, as well as all the favorite songs. Start at 23.00

Where: Kiev, M. INDIGO ambitious project, St. Kudryashova, 3

Price: 450 UAH.

Recital Catherine Kuhar

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Recital Catherine Kuhar / photo: life.pravda.com.ua

On 8 December as part of the concert, which will take part in Alexander Stoyanov and Bakhtiyar Adamzhan, prima ballerina will be performing the roles of the white Swan Odette from the ballet “Swan lake” and Sheherazade of the ballet.

Catherine Kuhar people’s artist of Ukraine, laureate of international competitions. At various times shone on the best ballet stages of the world, is a symbol of modern Ukrainian ballet. Catherine Kuhar is also a famous media person, she spent two seasons in a row, was a member of the jury of the popular TV show “Dancing with the stars.” Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev University of national theater of Opera and ballet. Taras Shevchenko, Vladimirskaya street, 50

Price: from 100 UAH.

Battle of the bands

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Battle of the bands / photos: bodo.life

This Saturday will be a Grand musical show, which spectacularly combines the virtuosity and huge experience of orchestras in the world level, imagination conductors, humor and creativity of each of the musicians, soloists, dancers, and leading Comedy actor Yuri Tkach and Christina PED.

In the “battle” will come two generations – fathers and sons, namely participants of “battle of the Bands Kids” variety-brass band “Souvenir” under the baton of Alexander Beloshapka and well-known masters of the Kiev Academic Municipal Wind Orchestra conducted by George Miller. The battle will take place in several stages: copyright, national, world hits. Winners are selected by audience voting manual. Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Polytechnic Institute, the House of culture of national technical University of Ukraine KPI, prospect Pobedy, 37

Cost: 220-700 UAH.

Oskorei. Midvinter festival 2018

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Oskorei. Midvinter festival 2018 / photo: Karabas.com

The 8 December will be the annual music festival of extreme metal. The festival is held for 7 years, and this year will be even more interesting. The headliners will perform Britons from Cradle of Filth who are considered the forefathers of symphonic black metal. The musicians plan to present a new album Cryptoriana. Together with the British great music you plan to play the Ukrainian team Khors, YGG, Barkasth and others. Beginning at 16.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Svyatoshin, Bingo Club, PR-t Pobedy, 112

Cost: 800-1100 UAH.

Rock MOZART / Mozart Le Concert

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Rock MOZART / Mozart Le Concert / photo: youtube.com

8 December there will be a concert version of the world famous rock Opera. Mozart Le Concert is a modern vision of the life and work of Mozart. This evening, on one stage: the sound of a Symphony orchestra, choir, rock band and 7 best voices of the country.

On the stage of Palace “Ukraine” will build the majestic scenery, the promise of a fantastic light show on a global scale. Viewers will love the new sound timeless, colorful costumes and contemporary scenography. In total, the concert will be attended by over a hundred artists. 19.00

Where: Kiev, M. Palats Ukraina national Palace of arts Ukraine, Vasylkivska St., 103

Cost: 550-1750 UAH.

The 26th IWCK Charity Bazaar

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

The 26th IWCK Charity Bazaar / photo: kiev.carpe-diem.events

One of the largest fundraising events to be held on December 8 at the NSC “Olympic” is already 26 times. The purpose of the event – assistance in financing of the grant contest of the International women’s club of Kyiv.

Collected during the fair, funds are sent to help single mothers, children, the elderly and the disabled. The charity event was supported by diplomats from 44 countries. Each of them put up a stand with national attributes, Souvenirs, gastronomic delights. All this will be accompanied by national music, dances, master classes and entertainment for children. On the charity Bazaar will compete for many prizes and gifts. Beginning at 10.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Olympic, Olympic NSC, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 55

Cost: 80 UAH in advance, 100 UAH per day of the event

Christina Solovey

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Christina Solovey / photo: youtube.com

December 8, ICCC during the presentation of the new album “Lubi friend” will be the winner of the show “the Voice.” All songs from the new album Christina wrote itself. The concert will be the last in the national tour of the singer. The audience will hear songs like: “Trimy”, “Hto Yak is not ti?”, “Xun song”, “Flowing water kalamutna” etc. the Beginning at 20.00

Where: international center of culture and arts, the Alley of Heroes Heavenly Hundreds, 1

Cost: 350-1500 UAH.

Brothers Hadyukiny

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Brother Gad / photo: lime.apostrophe

Club concert of the legendary rock performers. Brother Gad, is the Foundation which started to develop Ukrainian rock music. Gad first proved to the world that the musical can be even funny. Over its 30-year history, the band has released 5 Studio albums and 4 koncertnoy. December 8, the band will play songs from the new album “Laughter and sin” as well as hits: “Narkomani on Gorod”, Fine Misto Ternopil”, “article 117”, “Govt ribbons” and many others. Beginning at 22: 00

Where: Kiev, M. Heroes of Dnepr, Docker Pub, bogatyrska,25

Cost: 175-2450 UAH.

Happy Woman Fest

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Happy Woman Fest / photo: happywomanfest.com

9 December residents and guests of the capital are invited to the II Women’s boutique festival Happy Woman Fest. In the program: a charitable collection of things, fair masters, lectures from 12 speakers (such as beauty, happiness and realization), surprises and gifts for each participant, workshops. The purpose was to create a society of happy women, namely to help women find their purpose, self-actualization. Beginning at 9: 00

Where: Nivki-hall,Victory Avenue, 84

Cost: 700-1300 UAH.

Charity Weekend. Public Talk Masha Efrosinina Nadia Dorofeeva

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Charity Weekend. Public Talk Masha Efrosinina Nadia Dorofeeva / photo: kp.ua

On Sunday, another Charity Weekend presenter Masha Efrosinina. This time the heroine of the event will be the popular performer, a member of the group “Time and glass” Nadia Dorofeeva.

The main feature of the event was directly involved in the interview and the duration is 3 hours. Anyone can ask questions not only Nadia Dorofeeva and Masha Efrosinina. All the money from ticket sales is transferred to the charity Fund “Your support” and will be used to acquire innovative x-ray apparatus for newborns. Beginning at 13.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Shulyavska, Mercure Congress Centre, Vadima Getmana, 6

Cost: 500-1000 UAH.

The smash-hit of the year

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

The smash-hit of the year / photo: kp.ua

XXIII ceremony music prize “Hit-2018” and the gala concert. “Smash hit” one of the first music awards of the independent Ukraine since 1995. The best songs 2018 spectators present: Ivo Bobul, Svetlana and Vitaly Bilonozhko, Pavel Zibrov, Paul Dvorsky, Alla Kudlay, Lily of Sandulesa, Katherine Buzinska, Dmytro and Nazariy Yaremchuk a, Olga Sumskaya, Nikolay Svidyuk, Anatoly Matviychuk Oleg Shak, Quartet “Hetman”, VIA “kobza”, and many others.

Where: Kiev, M. Palats Ukraina national Palace of arts Ukraine, Vasylkivska St., 103

Cost: 300-2000 UAH.

Kozak System

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 8-9 декабря

Kozak System / photo: ivona.bigmir.net

“A concert for his so called program December 9, musicians from the folk-rock band will present for the first time. It will be an exclusive presentation of the new hits. The team in 2013 successfully represents Ukraine on the international music scene in Poland, Germany, UK. Kozak System were the headliners of the festival “TRUTNOFF” along with the Prodigy, The Subways, Matisyahu! Kozak System together with Sasha Polozhinsky wrote the unofficial anthem of Euromaidan “Brother for brother”. Starts at 20.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Heroes of Dnepr, Docker Pub, bogatyrska,25

Cost: 200-400 UAH.

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