Where to go in Kiev on the weekend of September 15-16

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Where to go in Kiev on the weekend of September 15-16

Billboard on September 15-16 is full of different events that are worth a visit this weekend.

Billboard on September 15-16 is full of different events that are worth a visit this weekend. Quite warm in September has come to visit festivals under the open sky, which this weekend will be three.

Korrespondent.net traditionally, will tell you how to spend a weekend in Kiev. Saturday-Sunday in the capital will be held: festivals of street culture, Beers and Georgian cuisine, as well as plenty of concerts, seminars, performances for children and adults.

don’t Take Fake 2018

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

don’t Take Fake 2018 / photo: donttakefake.com

On Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00 you can go to the largest in Ukraine, the brand show and the festival of street culture. A similar event will be held in the capital for the eighth time. The festival will present its products to famous brands: G-SHOCK, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, SNDCT, SHIFT, Eastpak, Kapkan, 47′, Swatch, their activity is also present Monster Energy, Pabst, and Sailor Jerry, Fujifilm, Pepsi and Montana Cans.

In the event program – educational space from the don’t Take Fake, Pushka School and Masterskaya, as well as will work of art-the zone from the Ukrainian artists and a food court. Entertain guests the well-known DJs.

Where: Kiev, M. the Palace “Ukraine”, M. “Olympic” Toronto-Kiev, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 100

Price: from 150 UAH.

Kyiv Beer Festival

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Kyiv Beer Festival / photo: beertechdrinks.com

The festival can be visited on 15 and 16 September, beginning at 11.00. This Grand event, where they plan to provide 300 unique varieties of craft beer. To taste the delicacies offered on any of the five dozen points of the food court, and learn about the intricacies of brewing beer in the lecture hall and talk about women in the lecture hall for the fair sex.

Scholars will be asked to play in a pub quiz – like the intellectual game “brain ring”, only with a glass of fresh beer. Guests will be entertained by popular artists, for children there are interesting workshops and sports.

Where: Kiev, M. Chernigovskaya, art Zavod Platforma, ul Belomorskaya, 1

Price: 100 UAH.

Kartuli Fest 2018

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Kartuli Fest 2018 / photo: igotoworld.com

The two-day celebration of Georgian wine and cuisine in the Singing field. Saturday workshops will be opened Sarauli, chief winemaker at “Tiflis Wine Cellar” and Mzia Bitadze, quality Manager. During the fest willing to learn how to make real Georgian khinkali and churchkhela, and members of the dance team – dance lezginka.

Rich concert program: Georgian dance ensemble “AssA”, the Ukrainian dancers with “Vivat Academia”, groups KAIA and Shmagi. The headliners of the fest: KISHE, OLEYNIK, On I Ona. Special invited guests of the festival will be Georgian Folk Geo group Tour. Beginning at 11.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Arsenalna, Singing field, Lavra, 33

Price: 100 UAH.

Seminar Of Bodo Schaefer

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Seminar of Bodo Schaefer / photo: youtube.com

September 15 in chamber Plaza will act as financial consultant № 1 in Europe – Bodo Schaefer. He will tell you: the technology sales to work on Your terms, about what tools you must use to create your own positioning strategy, how to take and maintain a leading position in its niche.

Mr. Schaeffer will provide literally the step by step instruction of the correct positioning of the company and its products. Beginning at 10.00.

Where: Kyiv, chamber Plaza, chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, Kreschatik metro station, M. Independence square, Velyka Zhytomyrska str., 33

Cost: 4300-11000 UAH.

Soloma Fest

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Soloma Fest / photo: liroom.com.ua

The first music festival Soloma Fest, which brings together different areas, from hip-hop to electronic music, will take place this Saturday. The headliner of the fest will be Mozgi, and will also perform: the most popular rapper Yarmak, battle rapper GIGA1, DJs Tapolsky and Sender, artists Roll Models, and D. Marsh. Shakes festival – legendary Giga. Beginning at 14.00

Where: Kiev, stadium, National aviation University, Kosmonavta Komarova Avenue, 1

Cost: free

Exhibition “the Magical Ukrainian myth”

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Exhibition “the Magical Ukrainian myth” / photo: bigkiev.com.ua

Sunday finishes its work the exhibition, which was devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine. This weekend, guests will be able the last time to see the floral arrangements of two hundred names of plants. The theme of the exhibition legends and myths, respectively, of the composition made in the form of literary characters.

Where: Kiev, M. Arsenal, St. Lavra, 33

Cost: 50 UAH adult ticket; 25 UAH – for children; for children under 7 years-free of charge

The Cup of Europe in medieval combat

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

The Cup of Europe in medieval combat / photo: bigkiev.com.ua

Cup “Call of heroes” will compete this weekend. Participation in the competition will be 300 fighters in heavy armor with different parts of Europe: great Britain, Denmark, Moldova, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Austria. The tournament is also planned the participation of children and women. Viewers will see the single and group battles with real weapons. After 20:00 – the brilliant evening program with shots from trebuchets fire nuclei, and a spectacular fire show. Opening on 15 September at 13.30.

Where: Kiev, the Kievan Rus Park, S. Kopachev

Price: 250 UAH. for seniors and students – 100 UAH. for students – 50 UAH. preschoolers – free.

Dancing with the stars

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

Dancing with the stars / photo: 1plus1.ua

September 16 will be the fourth live broadcast of a popular television show. This Sunday, viewers will intrigue, because again one of the pairs will leave the project. Who will it be? Anita Lutsenko/Alexander Prokhorov or Masha Efrosinina/Maxim Leonov, Igor Swallow/Ilona Gvozdeva, and maybe Ruslan Senichkin/Cybulski of yanat or Les nikitiuk/Maxim Yezhov, Irakli Makatsaria/Yana Zaets? At 19.30

Where: Kiev, M. Convention and Exhibition center, Expocenter of Ukraine, prospect Akademika Glushkova, 1

Cost: 800-1000 UAH.

NON. Classic and new jazz on the roof

Куда пойти в Киеве на выходных 15-16 сентября

NON. Classic and new jazz on the rooftop / photo: gloss.ua

September 16, the national academic orchestra of folk instruments will perform in front of the audience on the most beautiful roof of Kiev with panoramic views across the capital. NANI will play classic and new jazz compositions, their program is called “Classic and new jazz.” The musicians have to repertoire, the orchestra is composed of over 60 unique Ukrainian musical instruments, so the concert promises to be awesome. Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Lukyanovskaya, Roof, Riflemen, 37-41

Cost: from 250 UAH.

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