Where to go on Valentine’s Day in Kiev: poster activities

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Where to go on 14 February in Kiev

Thursday February 14th the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. To prepare in advance, pick up gifts, come up with a way, thinking about where to celebrate the holiday.

Despite the fact that in 2019 Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday, a weekday, in the capital, planned many interesting activities.

Korrespondent.net will tell you how to spend Valentine’s day, where to go on 14 February with your beloved or as a fun Thursday night.

Festival giant Chinese lanterns

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Festival giant Chinese lanterns / photo: bigkiev

On 14 February on the Singing field will begin work a unique festival, the first in Eastern Europe of similar type. On the territory of the Pechersk landscape Park plan to place Svetloye large-scale installations, each of which symbolizes the Chinese legend or folk tale.

The audience of 30 exhibitions: Gardens of pandas and flamingos, Cinderella carriage, forest with deer, and the Central place will occupy the dragon with a height of 40 meters. The festival will be held the Festival of fire and light, animatronics, and master classes. On weekends, the traditional holiday program. Last Festival the exhibition until March 31. Beginning at 17.00

Valentine’s Day in the Park you can also register a marriage, but this should apply in advance on the Festival website on Facebook.

Where: Kiev, M. Arsenalna, Singing field, lavrska street,33

Cost: 120-150 UAH.

A celebration of love

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

A celebration of love / photos: snova-prazdnik

On 14 February in the shopping and entertainment center planned a Grand Celebration of love. For visitors to organize a lot of interesting, and the culmination of the festival will be the concert. Will perform indie band KADNAY, ex-member of “AGON” Nikita, Goruk, he ZVEROBOY, and finally – a surprise from a romantic Duo DUDA and Vera Kekelia. Beginning at 13.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Minskaya, shopping Mall DREAM TOWN 2, PR-t Obolonskiy,21V

Cost: admission is free

Masterpieces of modern choreography

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Masterpieces of modern choreography / photos: Bodo Life

For the first time in the Ukrainian capital with a tour of the Tbilisi state theatre of Opera and ballet. February 14, they show a performance in which not just one, but 4 black-and-white productions. Three of them: Sechs Tänze (Six dances) and Petite Mort (the Little death), Falling Angels (angels are Sinful) are the creation of the famous choreographer Jiri Kylian.

They made wizards popular worldwide. Another important decision for Petite Ceremonie (ceremony) from Copper Walerski is a young but talented choreographer. All ballet performances under the musical accompaniment of melodies by Mozart, Reich, Bellini, HART and Vivaldi. 19.00

Where: Kiev, M. Arsenalna, ICCC, alley of Heroes Heavenly Hundreds, 1

Cost: 120-150 UAH.

Romantic coffee drawing

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Romantic coffee drawing / photo: lovegif

Thursday all lovers, romantic, sincere coffee lovers and creative personalities are invited to the Art Workshop at Home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This will not just gatherings, guests can try to paint in a unique grisaille technique, but not colors, and …coffee.

The master class will give visitors spend artist Elena Zaretsky, granddaughter of the legendary Viktor Zaretsky and Alla Horska. At the end of the event is guesswork. Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev, Teatralnaya, the Master Klass House, B. Khmelnitskogo str., 57B

Cost: 300 UAH.


Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Years&Years / photo: Mewos Journal

Debut performance of the British trio will take place in Kiev on 14 February Stereo Plaza. The British have been in the Ukrainian capital, after shooting their video for the single Shine, but the performances were not given. And here on Valentine’s Day British unique will give a full concert for the Kiev audience.

Years&Years like 2012, when they released their hit I Wish I Knew. In 2018, the world saw for the second album. Concert tickets – the original Valentine’s Day present and a fun Thursday night. Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev, M. demeevskaya, Stereo Plaza, prospect named after V. Lobanovsky, 119

Cost: 990-2490 UAH.


Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

VACUUM / photo: google.com

February 14, the legendary Swedes will perform in Kyiv in the framework of the European tour. Club concert of Swedish synth-pop promises to be the most romantic event of the week. Kyiv audience will see Matthias Lindblom, extravagant Alexander bard, cyber-woman Marina Shipchenko and hear except for the undying hit “I Breathe” and other equally popular songs of trio. Starts at 20.00.

Where: Kiev, M. University, Caribbean Club, St. S. Petliura, 4

Cost: 490-1950 UAH.

Les meilleures chansons de NOTRE DAME de PARIS

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Les meilleures chansons de NOTRE DAME de PARIS / photo: Relax

Three days in a row 14,15,16 February in the Palace “Ukraine” – the most anticipated concert of this year, a real surprise for Valentine’s Day. Show inspired by the works of Victor Hugo “Notre Dame Cathedral”. On stage will operate Symphony orchestra, music in the choir and rock band.

The play involves over 150 performers. According to the organizers of the show, there were more than five hundred professionals with different skills. To create a show used sophisticated lighting and sound equipment. Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Palace of Ukraine, NDI “Ukraine”, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 103

Cost: 200-2250 UAH.

Warm story about love. Read Ivan Yakimov

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Warm story about love. Read Ivan Yakimov / photo: google.com

14 February there will be a poetry evening with poet Vanya Yakimova. It has long been known among Kiev’s intelligentsia, and his performances always draw full houses of listeners. This evening Ivan Yakimov will read lyric poems and stories, their own and others, but always only the best. Beginning at 19.00.

Where: Kiev, M. Olympic, mOre (BC Toronto) Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 100

Price: 600 UAH.


Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

AVIATOR / photo: Ivona – bigmir)net

Thursday romantic evening give the popular boy-band in the person of Dima Bilan and Andrey Todoroki Guard. The guys will perform live all their old hits and new songs will delight. Aviator – charismatic group playing romantic music about love and relationships. The team deservedly considered the most lyrical on the Ukrainian scene. At the end of the evening, the artists will compete among the visitors of the club a unique gift. The beginning at 20.00

Where: Kiev, M. darnitsya, Karaoke Black MOM, RTS “Cosmix” Popudrenko str., 1A

Price: 200-300 hrn.

Driving the night of Valentine’s Day Prityazhenie

Куда пойти на День Валентина в Киеве: афиша мероприятий

Driving the night of Valentine’s Day Prityazhenie / photo: google.com

All those who have postponed the celebration of Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 15 can visit one of the most fun events of the capital – the party PRITYAZHENIE. Driving headlining the night will be DJ NANA and KADNAY.

The audience will also support the guys from the cover band HEATWEAWERS, DJ Lex one DJ Pashkoff. The program – exclusive mysterious illusion, acrobatic show. Leading holiday – Arthur Singayevsky. Starting at 21.00.

Where: Kiev, M. pochayna, Pochayna Event Hall, Bandera str, 23

Cost: from 400 to 4000 UAH.

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