Where to send a child on holiday abroad in the spring of 2019

Куда отправить ребенка на отдых за границу весной 2019

Where to send a child on holiday abroad in the spring of 2019

From March 25, the Ukrainian students will begin spring break, after another two months the school year ends at all.

Now parents are thinking about how to improve child’s health and where to send the rest. Often, the choice falls on camps. Comparing the cost of stay and conditions of stay in local camps with a level of service and prices of similar abroad, parents prefer the latter.

Korrespondent.net will tell where to send the child on holiday abroad at the end of March, where children are to break the budget during spring break 2019 and what documents are needed for travel abroad.

Where to send your child for spring break: top 5 destinations

Куда отправить ребенка на отдых за границу весной 2019

School holidays 2019 / photo: Kenya times

Even a week vacation is a great opportunity to make new friends, gain in-depth knowledge about the culture of other countries, to practice foreign language knowledge, to get new energy which will help with new forces to start training.

Since spring break only 7 days, on trips to distant, tropical country talking is impractical.

You should pay attention to Europe, namely:

  • Czech Republic;
  • Hungary;
  • Slovakia;
  • Malta;
  • Poland.

Usually, in camps abroad, it takes children from 7 years and older. Most travel agencies offer services on the organization of children’s rest abroad focusing on individual programs and group.

For spring break are advised to choose a training camp or sports, and sightseeing tours without night journeys.

The cost of holidays for spring break 2019, from 200 to 1000 euros for 6-8 days, while the fare is paid additionally.

Czech Republic

European country is very popular among Ukrainian tourists, parents are increasingly paying attention to the educational institutions of the Czech Republic. Most tourists are attracted to the capital – Prague. It can be reached not only by air, and ground.

Camp in the Czech Republic predominantly teaching in the middle price segment – about 700 euros per week. This price includes: 2-3 meals a day, accommodation in 2-3 bedded rooms on campus or at the hotel, about 20 hours of foreign language at the same intensity levels of learning, excursions (water Park, zoo, sightseeing), daily activities, medical assistance and Shuttle service. Travel is paid separately. The curator will accompany the children 24 hours a day.


European tourist country. As in the Czech Republic, can be reached by air and by bus, by car.

The cost of camps in Slovakia will start from 200 euros for 7-8 days. For spring break in Slovakia Ukrainian children accept, for example, in the camp of Vyšné ružbachy, which is situated on the border with Poland in the foothills of the High Tatras.

The cost of the cheapest trips includes 3 meals a day (additionally pay the salary of a counselor), accommodation in 2-3 bed rooms, Shuttle service and resort fee. Additionally, you need to pay for bus trips, transportation, entrance fees, medical insurance.


In Hungary hard to find spring training camp, it is easier to find sports. For example, spas are taking a group of athletes involved in swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, football and mini-football.

With the price of 380 euros. This amount includes: accommodation in 3-bedded rooms, full Board, use of thermal swimming pools, a fitness room. There is an extra charge: transfers, insurance, excursions and resort fee.


Malta is a beautiful island, where 300 days in a year Shine the sun. Good training programs offer language camps in Malta. Their selection is quite extensive, the cost of the programs varies from 265 to 750 euros per week when staying in Maltese families in rooms for two or three.

The price includes: accommodation and three meals a day, language learning, excursions, trips, film screenings, dances, bowling, parties, transfers, medical insurance, depending on the camp, the student receives 20-30 English lessons of varying intensity per week.

Camp in which in one place provides accommodation and training cost about 950 euros for 7 days. Extra tickets.


At the end of March the most popular holidays in Europe are tours. Children are offered trips to Poland. Package price: from 115 euros. Demand study tours for high school students who plan to continue their education abroad.

While this trip is a visit to the prestigious Universities, and lots of fun. Guided tours for children do not involve night journeys.

What documents are required

Куда отправить ребенка на отдых за границу весной 2019

Vacation 2019 on spring break / photo: google.com

To send the child on holiday abroad it is necessary to collect documents, such as:

  • a biometric passport or child’s travel document (validity of not less than 3 months on the day of return to Ukraine);
  • color photo (3.5 x 4.5);
  • copy of birth certificate (for children up to 16 years old) or a passport (over 16 years);
  • a copy of pages 1 and 2 parents ‘ passports or copy of ID card;
  • help from school;
  • certificate of employment on wages one of the parents for the last six months;
  • account from the Bank of one of the parents;
  • notarized permission to travel abroad from both parents.

From 20 February 2019, new rules have been organizing trips abroad for rest and recuperation groups of children 7-18 years old. In addition to the notarized permission from parents, you need to provide a number of references.

Among which the complete program of the children’s stay abroad, the route of movement, the right nutrition and household amenities. You must also provide a list of persons who accompany the band in the way at every stage.

If you accept children in families, to the appropriate authorities provide information about the mental health of all family members, the absence of alcohol and drug dependence infectious diseases.

What does a baby need to travel abroad

Куда отправить ребенка на отдых за границу весной 2019

What does a baby need to travel abroad / photo: TIO.by

For a week’s stay, parents should provide the child with:

  • personal toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo);
  • sports shoes (preferably 2 pairs);
  • dressy clothes (boys: 2 shirts, a tie, formal shoes, and give girls: 2 dresses or skirts with blouses and dress shoes);
  • sportswear;
  • casual comfortable clothing;
  • Slippers;
  • Swimming costume (swimming trunks, swimsuit).


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