Where to spend Christmas: snoutyuby, knight battles and mega-cake

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Where to celebrate Christmas in Ukraine to 2018

For Christmas 2018 in Ukraine, you can drive the 10 km of ski slopes, swim in thermal springs and take part in the Nativity scene.

Ukrainians celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 7 not only at home in the family circle. A plan for a winter holiday vacation in other cities or resorts. Where to go for Christmas in Ukraine and where to go with family and friends, watch the review Корреспондент.net.

Cultural centres


Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Christmas in Lviv (photo: EPA/UPG)

The city, which is recognized as the cultural capital of Ukraine, has a rich history, famous architecture and gentility. For many to celebrate Christmas in Lviv – a long tradition, because in the region adhere to religious traditions.

At Christmas time on Market square operates a Christmas fair where you can buy Carpathian Souvenirs, national clothes, eat.

7-8 January 2017 at the Lviv Museum of architecture and way of life will be held Vertep festival “Spalah Rizdvyane stars”.

7 January 2017 in the Shevchenkivsky Hai will hold X pampukh Holiday.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-тортChristmas in Lviv (photo: EPA/UPG)


As in Uzhgorod mostly celebrate the Catholic Christmas on December 25, 6-7 January are not scheduled cultural events. But you can visit the Transcarpathian castles and natural reserves, swim in thermal springs, visit a Park Synevyr.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-тортWinter Uzhgorod (photo: ukrinform)

But January 9, 2017 at Theater square will be a Nativity celebration “Christ is Born! All proclaim!”.

However, on the embankment of Independence until January 15, 2017 to attend the new year-Christmas fair.


To visit the region on Christmas day means to participate in mass entertainment and workshops, go on winter rides, to try traditional regional Goodies. The city will host a mass folk holidays.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

The celebration of Christmas and new year holidays in Chernivtsi (photo: EPA/UPG)

January 7, 2017 in the Cathedral square – the concert program “happiness, health – Christmas carols of the world”.

In the Central square of the city, 8 Jan 2017 it is planned the occasion “Came to Carol, open the gate”.

In addition, in the capital of Bucovina is worth visiting the famous architectural monument of national University.


In the capital for Christmas and new year holidays there are many activities planned. Will continue to work the fair and the winter Park attractions on sophiiska and Mykhailivska square.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Christmas 2018 in Kiev (Photo: realist.online)

Where to go for Christmas 2018 in the capital, you can see in the poster the main events for the new year holidays with addresses and prices.

Active rest

Fans of skiing, skating, tobogganing, and snow tubing can go into the mountains.

In the Lviv region is to visit the famous ski resort Slavske. Here you can meet members of the national team of Ukraine on ski sports, who are constantly trained in this area.

For the Christmas holidays from 6 to 8 January 2018 daily rental housing is UAH 300-800. . You can also rent the whole cottage for a large company. The cost of renting a house from 2000 UAH.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Active rest for Christmas 2018 in the Carpathians (photo: OgNature.com)

Extreme offer to come to the highest ski resort in Ukraine is Drahobrat, located in the Transcarpathian region. Here, 20 tracks of different level of difficulty, their length is from 300 to 2000 km Total length of tracks – more than 10 km, 6-8 January 2018 the cost of living within 400-800 UAH. with person.

Bukovel – the largest ski resort of Ukraine, located in Yaremche district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. There are 60 slopes and 16 lifts.

For Christmas 2018 the price of housing close to the slopes and lifts starts from 2000 UAH. After driving a little further, it is possible to find a offer for 900 UAH. .

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Christmas 2018 in the Carpathians (photo: mana.su)

A few kilometers from the ski lifts and slopes in the Bukovel – Yaremche. This is a low area between mountains on the Bank of the river Prut, near the highest point of Ukraine – Hoverla.

On 6-8 January 2018 here is really to rent a cozy Carpathian Villa for 3000 UAH. a day or luxury housing.

Myhove is a relatively young ski resort in Chernivtsi region. The snow here is from December to April. In myhove 4 lifts, length of slopes – 3300 m. Children will enjoy a special escapement for snowbow length 250 m.

Family vacation


Christmas must come to this ancient town in Khmelnitsky region.

9 January 2017 on the Maidan Vidrodzhennya citywide Nativity scene that a festive Carol “Christ is born, glorify Him!”

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Kamenetz-Podolsk on Christmas day (photo: diolli.com)

The whole family will be interested to visit the famous medieval Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress, which will run from 8 January 2018. It is planned to conduct of knightly fights and submissions.

This year Christmas balloon will not. But to fly it is still possible. To do this, you must first agree with a private organization.


An interesting trend in winter – Caledonia, aka Odessa.

7 January 2018 on Dumskaya square will host a Christmas festival, where will present huge chocolate gingerbread cake. Beginning at 14.00.

7 January 2018 will be held on Deribasovskaya folk festival.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Christmas 2018 in Odessa (Photo uc.od.ua)

In Odessa at Christmas time you can go on the tour. Since January 6, 2018 will have the opportunity to learn about criminal Odessa and dive into the catacombs.

7 January 2018 and guests can walk through the “Jewish Odessa” or go to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy fortress. 7 January 2018 you can go wine tasting in the village of Shabo.


There are several resorts with thermal baths, plunge into it, even young children. The temperature in these warm bubble bath always +41…42 °C.

Где провести Рождество: сноутюбы, рыцарские бои и мега-торт

Christmas 2018 in Kosino (photos: kosino.ua)

Thanks to the baths, you can restore the nervous system to correct problems with the musculoskeletal apparatus, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular activity.

For the Christmas holidays from 6 to 8 January 2018 it is better to buy a tour in one of the resorts, since the cost of visiting the baths separately during the holidays increases by 20%.

We will remind, Ukrainians on the new year holidays will rest 10 days.

The new year 2018

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