Where will live, Oksana Mukha, the winner of the show “Golos Krainy–9”

Где будет жить Оксана Муха, победительница шоу "Голос країни–9"

The Novabydova company is the 4th year in a row is the main sponsor of the Grand vocal show of Ukraine “Golos Krainy”. It supports events which reveal the talents of young people.

In this season of “Novabudova” presented to the winner of the show “Golos Krainy–9” Oksana Mukha a two-bedroom apartment in LCD “Crystal Avenue”!

How it happened:

Let’s look at where to live Oksana Mukha?

Residential complex business–class “Crystal Avenue” located in Petropavlivska borshchagivka, namely, 300 m from the ring road and 7 minutes from the metro station “Zhitomir”. This arrangement allows the mother to save time, trips to concerts. She will also be able to use the infrastructure of the capital and its suburbs. On the one hand, there are shopping centers: “April”, “Boardwalk”, “Epicenter” supermarket “Billa”, hypermarket “Auchan”, and with another — nature and lake in Petropavlivska borshchagivka.

Где будет жить Оксана Муха, победительница шоу "Голос країни–9"



The entire complex is under round the clock security and video surveillance system. Children’s playgrounds, a kindergarten, a sports field and recreation areas. For car owners designed underground Parking and guest Parking. It’s beautiful and peaceful — what you need to new ideas and creative work of Oksana.
In the lobby of each home features a designer lobby with a reception, a Seating area and Wi–Fi is a great solution for communication and business card design for friends of the singer.

Also is the ideal decision for the winner, because she will be able to combine your comfort of home and use the apartment as a recording Studio. Loud music won’t disturb the neighbors, because the apartment and the Desk.

Want to become a neighbor Oksana Flies? Invest today! The company “Novabudova” eligible for a special offer: buy an apartment in the residential complex of business class “Crystal Avenue” and PAY for it with PARTS for 1 year:

* increased cost per square meter;
* percent;
● overpayments.

Save up to 900 UAH per square meter!

Crystal Avenue – trend investment property!

Call now: 0444992567 0676638935, come to view apartments: Kyiv region, Petropavlivska Borschagivka, St. Cathedral, 14–A.