Whether or not to allow in Ukraine the Russian and Ukrainian artists, who sang in Russian Federation

Стоит ли разрешать в Украине выступления российских артистов и украинских, которые пели в РФ

The General Director of the Palace “Ukraine” the novel Nedzelsky in the air “112 Ukraine”

I look at the issue of the performances of the Russian and Ukrainian artists, who sang in Russian, very simple. It is a question of personal morality of each, and performer and audience, which he leads.

I can not deny to come to the Palace “Ukraine” any contractor who comes and collects a full house. Because for me as a Manager the main concert area, it is important that hall worked constantly. Because for me the most expensive room is an empty room. Because I pay utilities, I pay payroll, depreciation, rent of land and so on.

On financing I need to earn about 3 million UAH and to pay the state for the maintenance of the Palace “Ukraine”. So for me this is a purely economic question.

If you look at the question of morality, I have reservations…

I don’t want to live in a country where the concert hall’s Director will determine whether to enter the country Okhlobystin or Porechenkova. It is a question of competent authorities that have functions of investigation work. I’m a handyman. I have to ensure that the temperature in the room was decent, so was the lighting, was for the safety of spectators and the show was held at a high level.

We had a conflict after the cancellation of several concerts. We have claimed Alexander Malinin concerts, people’s artist of Ukraine, who arrives with the Ukrainian program, accompanied by folk choir of the Rope and the national Symphony orchestra. I, as a leader, can, people’s artist of Ukraine, are not allowed in our room?

When some of the radical society starts complaining with a reason or without, they’re just outraged, because it is the state of their souls. We appealed to the competent authorities, security service, Border service, the employment Center should track, whether working artists in the occupied or annexed territories. And we got the answer and solution to the concerts Malinin and Aguilera. So these concerts will be held.

The Novel Nedzelsky

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