While not an epidemic. Outbreaks of infectious diseases in Ukraine

Пока не эпидемия. Вспышки инфекционных заболеваний в Украине

In Ukraine came the measles

In Ukraine — forgotten local outbreaks of infectious diseases. There is also a victim.

Journal Reporter understands the reasons for the emergence of new threats and possible ways to confront it

The Ministry of health does not publish clear statistics on infectious diseases. One that has not detailed the types of infections and outdated for a year. For this reason, the society is in a state of “warm bath”: no noise, no problem, says Elena Gordeeva in No. 1 magazine Reporter.

And, of course, additional risks arise from the movement of “refuseniks” — parents, hindering vaccination of their children. Because the increase in the number of unvaccinated increases the threat of an avalanche-like spread of serious infectious diseases.

“Post despair. News from the Odessa infectious hospital with front, every day “fun”. The number of patients with measles exceeds 1 thousand, under measles converted and added two more outlets. Every day in the hospital with a diagnosis of “measles” comes from eight to 12 people. Died five people — two adults and 44 of 47 years and three children of two, four and 17 years. For one second put yourself in the place of their parents! The rest of your life to live with the thought that they could protect their child and wouldn’t do it… And while on the adjacent “branch” colleagues discuss the need for the third vaccination of populations at risk (doctors, teachers); others are seriously discussing the “pharmafia”, “worldwide conspiracy” and “autism”… People, Wake up! In the twenty-first century, only one city from a controlled infection in a short time dies five people! And I can assure you this is not the limit!” — a post in social media wrote in late December, the infectious disease physician, Department of infectious diseases of the Odessa national medical University Natalia Zhurakovskaya.

Which caused considerable debate in the community — it turns out that the pressing problems in Ukraine, and added another measles. And deaths.

Not an epidemic

Parents are scared, and physicians are urged not to delay vaccination. Infectious diseases, affected adults and children, but the immature child’s body more susceptible and harder to tolerate the disease.

“More than half of cases in the Odessa region are children. There are cases in almost all areas of our region. Measles is a highly contagious infection [that is, it is easily spread from sick to healthy] is one of the main causes of death among children worldwide. According to statistics, nine out of ten unvaccinated in contact with sick with measles will get sick — that’s the whole principle of contagiousness,” — said Dmitry Paraskeva, a General practitioner of family medicine, head of clinic General practice family medicine in Bolgrad district centre primary health care (Odessa region).

In MZ note: in 2017, the incidence has increased 70 times, and today measles or get sick or ill to 4 thousand people. And not only sick children, very hard is an infectious disease transferred by adults.

“According to statistics, thousands of cases of measles one person dies, one gets encephalitis, and another 50 have severe consequences that affect your entire life. As you can see, the statistics came to life: today, died of measles, three children and two adults — said the infectious disease physician, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Olga Golubovska.

According to her, we rarely formally announced the epidemic.

“In my memory it was only once — during flu season in 2009-2010. In 2006, when Ukraine had a similar outbreak of measles, and only in Kiev was redeveloped under the infectious diseases hospital, all that could, — has not been announced about any of the epidemic,” says the doctor.

Measles — the disease is cyclical, periodically have its UPS. “For example, the outbreak in Ukraine was recorded in 2006 and 2012, that is, every six to eight years. The situation is complicated by the extremely low level of vaccination of children according to the who, less than 50% of all childhood infections, therefore there is always a danger of their spreading. It was clear that if Romania will be a serious epidemic of measles, it will quickly reach us, and ‘ will fall on fertile ground in the form of a low immune layer. But the measures have begun to take only when measles already flared. And it happened somewhere in the end of 2016,” — said Golubovska.

In MOH say vaccines Priorix is sufficient, but it is at the end of autumn. To cover immunization for the 2017 season was only 50% of children, therefore the vaccination will be carried out before the end of January 2018.

According to statistics, 86% of cases this year had two inoculations of the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, called the PDA. This is due to the hysteria around vaccinations, mistrust of the MOH and by the vaccines. In some regions there were no vaccines in sufficient quantity, it is there now fix the biggest number of cases — Odessa, Zaporozhye, Ternopil, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk region.

However, the miracle did not happen. According to Golubovsky those Ukrainians who were adherents of vaccination, appealed for vaccination. Those who stubbornly refused to be vaccinated and brought a lot of arguments, I remain unconvinced.

Not only measles

Many Ukrainians, in particular parents, frightened — and not just measles.

Died of measles three children in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv region recorded outbreak of hepatitis A in the Ivano-Frankivsk region on new year’s eve the baby died from meningococcal disease. Oil poured into the fire, and a well-known pediatrician Eugene Komorowski, voicing not really advertised the fact: almost every day from whooping cough in Ukraine children die.

Parents say that the good old Soviet tradition, the officials and administration of educational institutions prefer not to sound the alarm, and in some cases even to ignore the facts of disease, not notifying them not only of doctors, but even the parents themselves. Contribute to the spread of infections and new year events. But doctors prefer not to write in the card a true diagnosis. “318-I gymnasium, Kyiv. Our school has whooping cough — not one case, but everyone is silent. I learned this by accident from other moms. Then the information appeared in the media that our school was officially confirmed two cases of whooping cough. Both laboratory. In the school we said nothing, not even warned, although we have our own group in social networks, where we, the parents, communicate with school administration. Moreover, we gathered before Christmas for 50 UAH for events, and they all went according to plan. Parents focused — someone brought a child to the party even,” — said Alyona Parfyonova from Kiev.

Пока не эпидемия. Вспышки инфекционных заболеваний в Украине



“My daughter had whooping cough, the diagnosis is 100% — put in independent private clinic and the adult clinic. But the pediatrician refused to write the diagnosis only verbally confirmed and prescribed treatment. She said in plain text that the symptoms of whooping cough but will not write, although I not only asked, but also cursed. Reached the head of the clinic, and that with a straight face, we confirmed SARS,” wrote Anna from Kiev Krizeva.

“We have since Soviet times: to learn about the disease outbreak, it was necessary to try very much. I remember, how in 90-x years in Kiev raging diphtheria epidemic. The capital of the famous doctors, heads of departments could afford to make the diagnosis and write it. But in the regions, doctors were forbidden to write the diagnosis on pain of dismissal,” — said Golubovska.

According to her, such decisions often contribute to destabilization in society, to cause confusion, and even the obligatory scapegoating of officials and the administration makes them hide the problem or reduce its importance.

“A few cases this is not an epidemic. Clearly were isolation of patients, observation of contact. The epidemic is 4% of the total population of a certain area. If laboratory confirmed a few cases, then why come up with extra figures and panic? The main thing — time and right to work in the hearth. Many parents get their information from unreliable sources and are guided by myths,” says Paraskeva.

Myths are myths, but the social network allows you to quickly contact interested persons, and people see the real picture almost better than authorized government officials. And not only about measles and whooping cough, which seems to hold the palm in the number of cases.

“We in Coloma on December 23, a little boy died from meningococcal disease. Thursday I was in the garden, and on Friday was in intensive care. The disease developed in a matter of hours. Decided I didn’t want to drive a daughter in kindergarten, drove to the village to his mother. Watched the press conference the doctors, it turned out, we have already registered seven cases. Doctors, like, samples were taken from all who have had contact with the dead boy reported that nothing was found. But still scary, because somewhere a child’s got it…” — said Valentina from Coloma.

“I Wake up in the morning, put on the gas a bucket of water and boil — all day, my two children drinking boiled water. All because of Botkin’s disease — in Nikolaev outbreak of hepatitis. The hospital has about 40 people. In the state administration said that all of the water from the tap is undrinkable, and local businessmen bring purified water from the well and sell it on tap. As it turned out, and she with hepatitis. Very afraid for the children. Itself in the childhood was ill with this disease. Say, after you have been ill, the immune system is produced for life. Don’t know about immunity, but I have since liver problems”, — said Tamara Bezruchko from Nikolaev.

The post Odessa volunteer Catherine Nozhevnikova in Facebook shocked: “the family has three children. One is now in the infection Department with measles, the second in intensive care in the regional — a couple of days as was released from infectionsi (measles), and yesterday the child was in a coma In intensive care… pumped. Day of treatment — about 2 thousand UAH. Mom is torn between the two hospitals. I have taken medication for the day.”

“And now the most interesting. Baby, which is the only one not sick vaccinated. Younger and elder brothers no. Endless debates on the Internet, discussion of quarantine at the school, the cries of opponents of vaccination “we have been deprived of the constitutional right to education.” I wish you never look into the eyes of my mother, who does not know which hospital to go… for Those who like to live with closed eyes and discuss of worldwide pharmaceutical conspiracy — continue”, — the volunteer wrote.

Reason? They are not called

However, to talk about world conspiracies and geopolitics in the Internet is more of a hobby for Ukrainians. In the ia state: the number of refusals from vaccination is only 7.4%. It turns out that talking about the massive failure of parents to vaccinate children and to be vaccinated themselves can not? But the statistics (see infographic) shows that the most risky infections the percentage of unvaccinated is much greater than those of 7.4%, which they say in the Ministry of health.

In October 2017, during the visit to Ukraine, Professor-immunologist from the UK, David Salisbury has suggested that Ukraine may start an epidemic of whooping cough and measles because immunization against infectious diseases is less than 50%. The reason for this situation is the refusal of parents to vaccinate and the lack of vaccines.

But many infections are vaccine-controlled, and the presence of 90-95% vaccinated population can prevent the outbreak. That is not to prevent the growth of proportion of the unvaccinated than 5-10%. We will remind, according to statistics half of the unvaccinated. And the same situation with measles in Odessa to a tenth of a percent confirms the forecast of Salisbury and well known assessment of the need, at least 95% vaccinated.

Odessa fights

As already mentioned, the most difficult situation with measles in the Odessa region. The flashes followed one another, and 28 December 2017, an extraordinary meeting of the Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations (emergency situations) the Executive Committee of the Odessa city Council under the leadership of the first Deputy of the mayor Anatoly Orlovsky. From this moment the city began to do what was long overdue in each of the Ukrainian cities.

First, we have decided to establish under the Department of health of the Odessa city Council operational headquarters to respond to the situation. Second, the Commission on emergency situations has taken the decision to ban to visit kindergartens and schools are not vaccinated against measles children. The logic is clear — to prevent measles outbreaks in organized children’s groups: schools and kindergartens.

At the end of December 2017 laboratory disease measles have been confirmed 402 Odessa, of which 254 were children. The most vulnerable age group 1-4 years and adults. As of the end of December 2017, in Odessa reported 12 outbreaks of measles, including two in organized children’s groups. As it turned out, the sick children were not vaccinated.

In the message of the Odessa city Council about the measures the authorities also refer to the fact that the creation of herd immunity from measles immunization coverage should reach 95%. Although in 2017 marked improvement with vaccination, it is far from safe. If among children aged 1 year coverage measles is 95,6% for the age group 2-5 years is 76.8%, 6 years — 91%, 7 years — 92.1% of. According to the Odessa city Executive Committee, immunization against measles need about 5 thousand children in Odessa. According to city officials, the MMR vaccine Priorix produced in Belgium against measles, mumps and rubella is available in all children’s polyclinics of Odessa.

What about the parents? Many people understand the hazard and used the break from school on winter break, to to vaccinate. But many are not. And continue to insist on their right to drive unvaccinated children in schools and kindergartens.

The Director of the Department of education and culture of the Odessa city Council Elena buynevich was even forced to write in Facebook extensive post outlining the position of the city authorities — the most important points below.