Who is the newly elected President of France: a Biography of Emmanuel Macron

Кто такой новоизбранный президент Франции: Биография Эммануэля Макрона

Emmanuel Macron

39-year-old Macron is called a successful banker who managed to earn millions. In 2006, he joined the ranks of the socialists, but left the party in 2009, 2012 and 2014 he was Deputy Secretary-General at the President, françois Hollande, and after retirement was appointed Minister of economy. That’s when it adopted a package of liberal economic measures, which received the formal title “the Law Rules”. Authorities said that the law was intended to revive the French economy, it in particular proposed changes regarding trade and transport, the work of lawyers and notaries, arbitration in labor disputes, housing and small businesses. But the greatest outcry and controversy was the suggestion of Macron on the work shops on Sundays. A year ago, he created the progressive movement “Forward!”, which he declared as “neither the right nor the left”. And soon announced his resignation. Then the media wrote that his decision was related to the intention to participate in presidential elections as leader of his political movement.

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In November 2016, macron officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of France. In his election campaign he announced the intention to reduce the unemployment rate to 7.7% by 2022. He also wants to carry out a pension reform but pension age and the pension will remain the same, to create 10 thousand jobs for police, to increase military spending to 2% of GDP, as well as to create a unified anti-terrorist division intelligence. Policies in favour of enhanced cooperation within the EU, in particular in the sphere of defence and also calls for the creation of a common budget for the Eurozone.

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As Makron was originally one of the favorites of the presidential election race, the attention of the media, especially Western, in recent weeks has been focused on his personal life, namely his wife. Brigitte Tronie older than his 24 years. Tronie – a former teacher of the candidate, saying he was in love with her since high school.

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Кто такой новоизбранный президент Франции: Биография Эммануэля Макрона

Emmanuel macron with his wife Brigitte Tronie

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