Who killed Sharamet? Came to light the inaction of the government

Кто убил Шеремета? Вскрылось бездействие власти

Journalistic investigation of the murder of Pavel Sheremet was more effective than consequence.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies for ten months investigating the murder of a prominent journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev’s city centre, but not particularly advanced in this case.

The national police have put forward only a few of motives of murder of the journalist, among whom was the notorious “Russian trace”.

However, colleagues from Sheremet “Classtwo.nfo”progressed beyond the investigation and found witnesses, as well as videos that are not interested in the official investigation.

Correspondent.net has gathered new data on the murder Sheremet.

What was previously known

For the previous ten months of the investigation the police showed only the video footage shows how a woman and a man lay explosives under the car Sheremet.

8 February 2017 the investigators said they consider the priority version of murder Sheremeta his journalistic activities.

“Deserve the attention of those journalistic investigations that were not completed. Also the version the professional activities of journalists outside of Ukraine. The publication of the journalist and issues its programmes were critical of the current government in the Republic of Belarus and in the Russian Federation”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the National police Alexander Vakulenko.

Also, according to the Deputy head of national police considers the version of “destabilizing the situation in the state, due to the audacity and demonstrative method of murder of the journalist”.

New facts

On the eve Beloborodova the film is a murder investigation Sheremeta, which was created by the editors of the investigations “Classtwo.Nfo” and representatives of the international network of investigative journalists of OCCRP.

Were interviewed the representatives of the battalion “Azov”, which in the evening before the murder and communicated Sheremet. They claim that even then I noticed outdoor surveillance near the house of the journalist. At the same time, representatives of the “Azov” claim that pointed out these facts during interrogations in Ukraine.

Journalists managed to find videos from surveillance cameras, which show how during a bomb under the car of Sheremet near his house were two cars – a grey Skoda and a red Mercedes.

The reporters turned to the experts from the project BELLINGCAT for help with the identification number of the car “Skoda”.

A journalist from Germany took up the study of video and later said that the video was a lot of “digital noise”, so to recognize the number, he had to consider every video frame as a separate photo. In the end, we managed to identify a number of mysterious car.

The owner was Igor Ustimenko, as it turned out the journalists – the employee of SBU.

Volodya met with reporters, before this, no one questioned him on this matter, although he was near the house Sheremeta all the time while the man and woman laid the explosives, and could be a key witness.

Reporters Ustimenko explained that near the house Sheremet allegedly moonlighted as a surveillance of some kids. On the question of its relationship with the security service he refused to answer.

Thus shortly before the murder Sheremet, the head of the edition “the Ukrainian truth” Alyona Pritula – law wife of Paul said about following her. Journalists of “the Ukrainian truth” published evidence of surveillance of the publication and its employees.

The reaction of the authorities

The SBU reported that Igor Ustimenko was fired from his job in the Department on 29 April 2014.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov acknowledged that earlier investigation, allegedly did not know about the existence Ustimenko and now calls him in for questioning.

At the same time Avakov no confidence that Volodya could be useful to the investigation.

Also on the interrogation caused the authors of the film.

Natspolitsiya even bother to convene a meeting of the investigative group in charge of business Sheremet.

“We attach a story of journalists to the criminal proceedings and verify information set forth therein”, – said the head of national police Sergey Knyazev.

According to him, the meeting with the group investigate the murder of the Prince will discuss the errors of the investigation and the facts that were stated in the film journalists.

Removed the video

The security service confiscated the server with the video from surveillance cameras in one of the shops near the house Pavel Sharamet, and returned it empty, said one of the authors of the journalistic investigation Sheremet, Dmitry Gnap.

According to him, the shop owner said that the staff of SBU withdrew the server with the videos, and when returned it, it turned out that all files with information 2 weeks have been removed.

“To try to recover these videos, you need to spend a lot of time and money, but there is no guarantee that this can be done,” said Gnap.

After the presentation of the film “the Murder of Paul”, answering questions from the audience, Gnap said that recording with some surveillance cameras have not received neither the police nor reporters, because the SBU seized the servers and either returned them or wiped data.

In addition, three key chambers of the national Bank on Frank street 5, Radisson hotel (Yaroslaviv Val 22) and McDonald’s (Bohdan Khmelnytsky 40/25) – journalists were not allowed.