Who know in which countries people lack of physical activity

ВОЗ узнала, в каких странах жителям не хватает физической активности

The number of participants in opinion polls reached almost two million people

Leading the sedentary lifestyle, women in Latin America and South Asia.

In countries with high per capita income, a growing number of residents who did not have enough time to devote to physical activity at work and in my spare time, which jeopardizes their health and quality of life. This is evidenced by published in the British medical journal the Lancet study by the world health organization (who).

She conducted an analysis with the involvement of certain groups in 168 countries of the world in the period 2001 to 2016. The number of participants in opinion polls reached almost two million people.

The least active in 2016, there were women in Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia, and wealthy countries of the West. At the other pole is located in Oceania, East and South-East Asia and the countries of Africa South of the Sahara.

In the advanced economies of the world is not enough mobile were, on average, 37% of the adult population. In Germany this figure, for example, was 42%.

Among the countries of Eastern Europe is positively distinguished Moldavia (only 11.5%), and negative – Serbia (39.5 per cent).

Previously, scientists have named the main conditions for long life.

Source: Russian service of DW


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