Who said that Ukraine does not know how to produce furniture like IKEA?

Кто сказал, что в Украине не умеют производить мебель, как в IKEA?

Many people tend to buy the furniture of European manufacturers, believing that only in well-known brands, you can buy high-quality and safe health products.

But, few people know that most of the “hyped” brands are used in the manufacture of furniture exactly the same materials as the Ukrainian factory, from the frame to furniture.That is, you will be able to buy a sofa of similar quality in Ukraine, but at a much lower price. And find it is easier than you think!

Of course, some Ukrainian manufacturers are still inferior to European: often this applies only to design. But the fact that in our country there is a factory that creates a really nice furniture, not worse than foreign, but still at a low price is an indisputable fact.

Ukrainian sofas: how to choose a really quality product?

An ordinary user often does not want to delve into what comprises a “filling” of the sofa, what’s his frame and the difference between the spring unit from “snake”. But if you want to buy not just beautiful, but also a quality product, some parameters still need to know.

The design of sofa is divided into four components:

• sofa frame;
• the transformation mechanism;
• the filling of the sofa;
• upholstery fabric.

Let us consider each of them separately.

Sofa frame

One of the most important elements on which rests the whole design.

Wooden frame. Environmentally friendly, durable and one of the most expensive materials. Often the frames made of wood has furniture luxury segment, which is made in classic style. Before buying furniture with such a Foundation, you need to make sure that the wood is well dried and processed, has no cracks, chips.

Chipboard (particleboard). Material the cheapest and most ephemeral. Wireframes of it can be found in sofas economy class. It is better not to buy for daily use, but as furniture for the garden or in the kitchen they should be fine. Particleboard is more resistant to moisture than wood, does not crack, not moldy. Important point: before you buy furniture with such a frame you need to make sure that particle Board is coated with a special protective layer. Otherwise, it may allocate formaldehyde resins that are extremely harmful to human health.

Metal. Such a framework often have sofas with cutting edge design. The products of the average cost of using aluminium and steel, in a luxury sofas is dominated by titanium and chromium. Of course, this is the most durable material. But, getting a sofa with such a framework, is to ensure the strength of the welds and that the metal is covered with a special varnish.

Plywood. The frame is made of such a material is quite flexible. It does not crack, does not crack, has good durability, is safe to human health. Used sofas in the middle price segment. Than thicker the plywood, the more expensive, respectively, will be worth the product.

Combo. In this form of frame can be used in particleboard and plywood, or wood and metal. Combinations are different. Often more durable materials are used in areas where the most intense load of sofas.

The filling of the sofa

Part of the comfort, which provides convenience for the body when sitting or lying on the couch.

The polyurethane foam. Foam consisting of 90% air. A reliable and practical material with high technological indicators. Safe for health.

Sintepon. High-quality surround non-woven fabric. Use it as a springy layer between the furniture and fabric main filler.

The spring unit. Consists of metal springs. Considered a reliable content, but because of the long and intensive use, the springs can break, ruin the padding, cause discomfort.

Spring snake. Thick steel wire, under the heating surface of the curved snake and attached to the chassis frame. Budget filling for sofas economy class.

The lamella. One of the best fillings. This elastic wooden planks “planted” on the whole frame. Characterized by high orthopedic properties.

Mechanisms of transformation

Not all of them are fit for use every day. So, if you plan to sleep or sofa, buy products with the following mechanisms:

• eurobook;
• klik-klyak;
• roll-out;
• accordion.

It is not recommended to use a sofa with French clamshell mechanism for daily sleep. Also, if you plan to use the sofa as a bed, purchase products with a niche for linen.


There are a huge number of upholstery fabrics: velvet, tapestry, jacquard, suede, flock, leather, etc. they are All characterized by the various technical indicators and, accordingly, are in different price ranges. The main characteristics of upholstery fabrics is their density, abrasion resistance, colour fastness and impregnation. Each manufacturer all furniture fabrics divided into categories: the higher it is the more expensive the fabric is and the better its performance.

What sofas do Ukrainians prefer?

According to statistics an online store For Sofas Nirvana for the 2015-2016 year, the most popular models that Ukrainians buy most often, sofas are the following:

Economy class.

Lavender – 3670 UAH.;
Eurobook – 4375 UAH.;
The fast and the furious – 4765 USD.

The average price category.

Voyage N – 7233 UAH.;
Theodore – 7995 UAH;
Chord a straight – 8034 grn.;
Stealth corner – 13300грн.

Sofas “luxury”.

Corado 3 – 16750 UAH.;
Vegas – UAH 18200.;
Bohemia – 20650 UAH.;
Sebastian 2 – 32250 USD.

Prices of sofas listed in the first category fabric. Prices of sofas in different categories of fabrics can be seen here.

It is noteworthy that despite the financial crisis that hit the wallets of many Ukrainians, our compatriots are more likely to purchase sofas mid-price segment, and not the cheapest products. Apparently, people are motivated by the famous saying: “We are not so rich to buy cheap things”. Also positive moment is the increase in the quality of furniture produced in Ukraine.