Who sees no reason to carry the Olympics due to a virus zika

ВОЗ не видит смысла переносить Олимпиаду из-за вируса Зика

The world health organization declared that sees no reason to postpone the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro or move them to another location because of the epidemic fever of Zeke in Brazil, reports the BBC.

“Whether the transfer of Games to stop the spread of the virus, Zeke? Answer: no. Judging by the way people travel and move as mosquitoes (carriers of the disease – ed), Zeke will be very slow to spread around the world to places where the mosquitos kind of biters,” – said the representative of who nick Alexander.

As reported, more than a hundred outstanding scholars from around the world signed an open letter to the who urging them to defer or postpone a Game in Rio because of the epidemic fever.

Scientists say that to hold the Olympics during the outbreak unethical, and urge the who to revise the rules and restrictions associated with the zika virus.

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Note, the epidemic of fever began last year in Brazil, to date it has covered more than 60 countries.

Zika fever is an acute infectious disease of monkeys, which occasionally transmitted to humans by mosquitoes and characterized by fever with benign course. The virus is most dangerous for pregnant women, as it gives the fetus the potential microcephaly with severe brain damage.