Who shakes the urn. The role of security forces in elections

Кто качает урну. Роль силовиков в выборах

Police acted extremely hard with kicks to the head and other delights is still the pre-reform militia

It just so happened that the elections in Ukraine – time for manipulation, provocation, bribery and fraud. Consequently, the time when the security forces requires honest and active work.

Add to this the inevitable attempt of the Kremlin to influence the electoral process, get explosive mixture of scandals, intrigues and investigations. In fact, already begun, writes Valery Litvinski in No. 3 Magazine Reporter.

According to the interior Ministry, as of 19 February, the start of the official presidential campaign was 1536 reports of violations of the electoral process. Most in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Cherkasy and Kharkiv regions. For 66 episodes criminal proceedings have commenced. The number of applications is growing rapidly – three weeks earlier, as of January 29, there were only 350 reports of violations.

The most common violations – illegal campaigning and bribery of voters, property damage and hooliganism, the interior Ministry said. Needless to say, if it’s the middle of the campaign, and a third of candidates so far did not even open election funds, without which it is impossible to campaign.

Well, the way we like it – already took place the first military actions. February 9, in the center of Kiev, Podol, held an election rally of presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko. Except, actually, its supporters, there came another, and activists demanding investigation into the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk. Recall that in a resonant crime just involved representatives of the Kherson branch of the party Tymoshenko (more on this below). But the activists are not even allowed to deploy a banner with the traditional question “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?” – law enforcement officers detained the participants of the action among whom were representatives of the nationalist organization C14, put in a paddy wagon and taken in Podil’s’kyi district police station. Further versions of the parties differ.

The police said that all the detainees were soon released, but they came to the aid of a support group, demanding the return of confiscated personal belongings. The police said that it looked like the storming of the regional Department, which explains the involvement of the detachment of police special forces. Have the alleged attackers, according to police, there were knives and a revolver. The participants in the events, in turn, said that any weapons they had, and law enforcement just beat them.

Anyway, two things are clear – the police acted extremely hard with kicks to the head and other delights is still the pre-reform militia. How events looked at the video, reminiscent of cool part of the offences on a whole bouquet of articles of the criminal code. And protected, thus the police campaign event candidate from the power, but just the competitor of the incumbent.

Game Avakov

In all this game has increased the role of the real chief of all police, Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. Publicly the Minister is trying to try on the image of an arbitrator above the fray. You need it for the sake of the post, regardless of who will be in the presidential chair after the first or second round. Oh and he scores points before the parliamentary elections, which his party – the popular Front – well, really counts.

With the start of the election campaign Avakov has developed a serious activity. First of all, the Minister does not cease, like a mantra, to repeat the words that neither one of the candidates, regardless of provalnosti and opposition, will not receive from the police any preferences. And threatens tough response to any violation. Bribery will not work, military pressure on the electoral Commission or candidates – the same promises of Avakov. However, the story with the “packaging” of activists C14 about the rally, Tymoshenko shows that “some animals are more equal than others”.

At the same time on the ongoing elections, police have seriously expanded the possibilities for the identification of violations. First of all, bribery. Bribery is considered a distribution of money, valuable gifts, products, in short everything but Souvenirs with party symbols and agitation literature.

But in connection with changes in the law on presidential elections is now prohibited and the payment from the election Fund of the work of campaigners and members of election commissions. It will also be considered bribery. However, before such arrangements were natural. It turns out that the agitators in tents and the representatives of the commissions the headquarters of the candidate can not pay, they must work for the idea. In the Ukrainian realities it is virtually impossible – see page 36-39 our text about who and how many earns in the election. For example, in office of the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko planned to make the campaign about 300 thousand agitators. In this regard, the question arises – how closely and fundamentally, the police will monitor the implementation of this norm? “Friends – all enemies – the law”, or something different?

Speaking of enemies. Avakov tensions with Poroshenko. Revealing the independence of the Minister and statements on equal treatment to all candidates, many took it as a signal to the incumbent President. At the headquarters of Poroshenko received signal and now have consistently emphasized that the campaign of Peter I will be a model of transparency and honesty.

In the case of call Poroshenko to a second term Avakov, who spoiled nerves of the guarantor for the last five years, to keep her position would be extremely difficult. This requires just the triumphant result of the popular Front for the parliamentary elections, which, given the current zero rating of this political force, hard to believe. On the other hand, with his ex-ally Yulia Tymoshenko, which Ukraine was broken up as a political leader in 2014, the Minister may establish constructive cooperation and even once again unite in one political force, if necessary, of course. Vbattle it all familiar.

Кто качает урну. Роль силовиков в выборах

Avakov is a long history of relations with Tymoshenko

Just to allow Tymoshenko and Avakov accused after the police action at the rally of the presidential candidate. Did not fail to respond with adequate information counter. Police accused of abuse of power, and symbolic violence. One of the cops during the arrest of the activists shouted at the beat: “get Down, Bandera!”, for what had to apologize to the entire leadership of the police, and the screamer has even appeared before the court, but argues that neither of which Bandera is not remembered.

But I remembered right-wing organizations that from time to time picketing the interior Ministry and demanding real “depoliticize the police,” but not one that is (not)held Avakov. The Minister everything that happens called a deliberate attack on law enforcement officers who have taken a principled stand in the election. But the initiators of this attack is not called. Instead, I went to the USA to talk about how it protects the honest choice Ukrainians and is the guardian of order – that, incidentally, is another attempt to raise their own importance, now in the eyes of Western partners, and to increase the political weight.

The headquarters of the highest-rated presidential candidates while the actions of the police during the election campaign in General evaluate positively restrained. Importantly, say the right words Avakov did not disperse with the case. Although he staffs are not particularly fan of: “This is not politics and not the campaign – it is BL*dstvo”. So emotionally commented on the Minister of the election campaign after clashes between police and activists. That’s it for this assessment do not even want to argue.

The Prosecutor without leave

If Avakov only credited with sympathy for Tymoshenko, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko in the elections is obvious. Lutsenko addressed the forum on the nomination of Petro Poroshenko for a second term, although not formally entitled to participate in the election campaign. By the way, the attorney General has complained to the Qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors. Yes, and the friends they are with the current President, after all. So the opponents of Poroshenko now any action of the Prosecutor’s office called the political and stigmatized in every way, claiming the elimination of competitors of the head of state.

It’s a shame that now through a prism of trying to consider the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk. The Prosecutor General’s office has charged the suspect in the attack on the activist Chairman of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Mangere. Associates Gandzyuk, her father, and she herself even when life repeatedly called the name of the manger among the possible customers of a crime. But they came for him just now. Political color to this case adds that Munger is the representative of the party Batkivshchyna. On a par with him among the possible customers of crimes activists and father Gandzyuk called the head of the Kherson regional Council of Andrey Gordeev and his Deputy Yevgeny Rimuka. To Gordeev and Resume who represent the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, Prosecutor General’s office have no complaints, but the Manger is.

The suspect immediately called the case against him political showdowns. The same is said in Batk_vshchina before, though, omitting the manger from the party. Although later the head of the Kherson regional Council intervened personally Yulia Tymoshenko. She called the suspicion Manger groundless and accused the Prosecutor General’s office in an attempt to tie in the run-up to elections the high-profile crime stories. Outraged Julia and what about Gordeeva and Rimuka the Prosecutor General’s office forgot.

Кто качает урну. Роль силовиков в выборах

Kum Kuma fails

Manger ultimately, the court granted bail, and he even continues to work. The politicization of the case Gandzyuk already saying even her friends. On the question of who ordered the kata, the answer is no. Tymoshenko advised Lutsenko to go on leave at the time of the presidential campaign, and he says he can relax now. But from accusations of politicization of the work of the Prosecutor General Yury Vitalyevich not to fight back.

External interference

Accused of execution of political orders, the opposition and the security Service of Ukraine. At the headquarters of Anatoly Gritsenko talking about the wire. Vladimir Zelensky claim of illegal surveillance. But Tymoshenko’s claim that SBU is not only watching Yulia Tymoshenko, but also provocations on her meetings with voters.

In the service of all of these called the allegations absurd. Although surveillance of the main favorites of the presidential race on the sidelines and not exclusive. But really at the SBU and without such dubious tasks calls in this election enough. Main from them – external interference in the will of Ukrainians. Given that the RF interference in the electoral processes in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Spain already confirmed, it would be naive to expect that the elections in neighboring Ukraine, the Kremlin will miss. That the SBU is preparing as cyber attacks, and a variety of diversions from the Eastern neighbor.

The service expect from a Russian hybrid of action: attacks on critical infrastructure such as energy, Finance, communications, and the dissemination of fake news and information stuffing. The greatest danger, of course, the electronic system of Central election Commission. The CEC has established a special working group with participation of security service and Service for special communication, which will be around the clock to ensure the safety systems of the CEC. In the state register of voters, according to the SBU, from the outside you can not interfere. Still in service plan to lock in Ukraine about 100 sites with Russian propaganda.

For examples of cyber attacks go far do not need. On the eve of Ternopil region spread fake warning of radioactive danger. The same actions in day of voting could affect turnout and, as a consequence, the outcome of the election.

As for provocations and sabotage, in SBU reported in preventing disruption of the electoral process by the Russian intelligence services through the organization “White Balaclava”. Militiamen detained the head of the project Yevgeny Marinca. According to the SBU, the organization has planned at least six actions to destabilize the situation in Ukraine before elections – the protests, the seizure of administrative buildings. By the way, is associated with provocateurs who is in jail on suspicion of organizing a coup Nadezhda Savchenko.

So SBU is really better to be on the alert and not to participate in the internal political games. Any external intervention will question the legitimacy of the elections and the government formed as a result of them.

Don’t want to get dirty

Exactly who maximum decided to distance himself from all electoral processes, stocked up on popcorn and waiting for the denouement is anti-corruption bodies, NABU and SAP. They, by the way, civil war is not yet finished, and just put hostilities on pause. Say, the leaders of NABOO and SAP – Artem Sytnik and Nazar Golodnitsky, between me not talking and for the past nine months. Holodnitsky discredited accusations in the sink materials of anti-corruption investigations, but to dismiss him have not yet succeeded. According to rumors, the NEB prepares a new approach against the Holodnitsky. And representatives of the public anti-corruption organizations openly call on all presidential candidates to initiate the dismissal of the head of SAP in the case of a victory on elections.

Кто качает урну. Роль силовиков в выборах

Sytnik and Holodnitsky for a long time not talk to each other

But about political games, it seems that NABU and SAP in the midst of the election race in solidarity. No high-profile production not to accidentally raise or lower someone’s rating. But who-who, and they certainly could.

For example, for several months public organization Center for anti-corruption (CPC) is seeking from NABU and SAP the initiation of the investigation into possible illicit enrichment of Yulia Tymoshenko. The case concerns the fact that in 2018 for Tymoshenko hired a PR firm in the U.S. for 390 thousand dollars. The surname, Tymoshenko referred to in official documents as the person who provides lobbying services. The problem is that the Declaration of Tymoshenko there are no funds for the payment of such amount. The question arises – where is the money? Here the CPA and requires that the law enforcement officers checked the apparent disparity between spending and revenues.

Tymoshenko said that refused to cooperate with lobbyists. Supposedly some good people funded contract for the provision of Yulia Tymoshenko without her knowledge. And when she found out about it immediately refused.

The activists were requested to proceed with the investigation to NABOO and SAP – there was ignored. To force fighters to open a case through the courts also failed. Now the anti-corruption action Center turned to Yuri Lutsenko, he opened criminal proceedings against Tymoshenko. The attorney General, not wanting to once again become the object of attacks by Yulia Tymoshenko and accusations of bias, referred the case of SAP. But there are silent. The vicious circle turns out, no one wants to investigate the case against Tymoshenko. Activists can turn to the American authorities – there are very fond of clear cases on shadow financing of politicians, especially if they have advocacy projects in the United States. But even if the circulation over the ocean will react, this is unlikely to happen before March 31 – it is unlikely that the ocean will give rise to accusations of interference in the Ukrainian elections. Still relevant to the electoral process there fanatically scrupulous – even if he goes outside the United States.

According to the media, yet not only with Tymoshenko to understand it or not, but recently closed a number of scandalous Affairs about the rest in 2016, the former head of the national Bank Valeria Gontareva in the Maldives, the use of official cars of the GPU when conveying guests from the wedding of the son of Yuriy Lutsenko in 2017, the customs clearance of the car for the wife of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on the apartment of the father-in-law of the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko…

It is hoped that after the elections, anti-corruption bodies will operate in full. Moreover, there is already a Higher anti-corruption court will be on the way. And Yes, we have the same and the State Bureau of investigation has already begun to work. Importantly, however, the leaders of all anti-corruption agencies, and the RRT are protected by law from the hasty forced resignation due to the change of power.