Who understands the wrappers. The main thesis of the debate

Кто разбирается в обертках. Главные тезисы дебатов

At the Olympic stadium in Kiev held a debate between the presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. Корреспондент.net collected key messages that we heard at the debate.

In the beginning of the debate, Petro Poroshenko moved to the stage of the Vladimir Zelensky and presidential candidates shook hands.

Mutual accusations

“You’re not a cat in a bag, You bag, in your bag – the devil and the cats!”, – literally shouted Poroshenko in the direction Zelensky.

Poroshenko said: “today We are faced with challenges that require the President’s courage and strength, international experience. As a presidential candidate is going to hold the international coalition that we step by step built these 5 years?”.

“How is he going to perform the functions of Supreme commander? Even though Your team said that You have already started a course of the young fighter is a good thing, but it was enough to start it 4 years ago, in 2014, when the country needed the efforts of all the volunteers and volunteers, and You were hiding from subpoenas! Phew! It’s not unacceptable,” he said.

“If we don’t know the answers to these questions – is a weak head of state, who will not be able to hold strikes Putin. Weak, because the position threatens the state. Risks going through the roof!”, – said the current President, and his supporters began chanting “ro-Shen-Ko!”.

“Today we have a very nice wrap – honey, bright. And everyone can find in this wrapper is what he wants: who’s the lower rates, who in the salaries of teachers for 4 thousand dollars, who increased pensions who return to Russia, someone – and the movement to Europe.”

Zelensky said that in 2014, voted for Poroshenko, but the President was a mistake.

“I was for Poroshenko. But we were wrong. Could I then imagine that our “life” is survival, the war will end in two weeks – will Ilovaysk and debaltseve? Could we imagine that the Revolution of Dignity will take advantage of the villains?”, said Zelensky.

Zelensky said that there are two Poroshenko, one of which is a good speaker, when you turn the camera – an expert in Economics and knows everything, and when the cameras turn off – there is a Peter-2.

“The first one shouts: “Putin, I’ll show you”, and the second passes through Medvedchuk’s greetings to Moscow. One opens a school, and the second constantly opens stores Roshen. The first opens as many as 12 kilometers of new roads, and the second closes the case Nasirov. The first says that the business in a blind trust, and the second increases your status” – listed Zelensky.

“I’m not your opponent, I’m your verdict,” said Zelensky.

“About the fact that I hide, – so many times I was in the ATO. From whom I am hiding, I am a public person, I was not able to find and give my hands a summons?”, – he answered.

On corruption

“I’m not a hangman and not a judge. The President creates the necessary conditions for a fair trial, the creation of investigative bodies for an honest and impartial investigation. And I did, and will do everything that depends on me,” said the acting President.

Regarding your friends, Poroshenko said: “No, I emphasize, none of my friends do not have and will not have any relation to corruption.”

He promised that in the event of having reasonable suspicion of any of his friends will cease to be a friend for him and go to jail.

“Friend or partner – whatever,” the President added.

About Kolomoisky

“Your partner, business partner … brought the money from the accounts in PrivatBank. And as You shake his hand, and he will hand to hack?” asked Poroshenko Zelensky.

“You said I partner Kolomoisky and I will live with it. In our country, all channels belong to the oligarchs,” said Zelensky.

“This is Pinchuk, Firtash, Kolomoisky and … dear Mr. President… I Want to remind you, you also invited me to work at channel 5, but I have not gone back not because you are an oligarch and this is your channel, I am a free man,” said Zelensky.


It was an initiative Zelensky, who answered questions on Poroshenko regarding his words about “kneel before Putin.”

The showman claims that his words were taken out of context.

“With regard to the knees, words out of the phrase. Before the war, when it was on the Maidan, our people, our Ukrainians were killed, I spoke to each of the presidents, Yanukovych said: “Please move away from the post of President, calm down.” Next I turned to Putin and said: “I am ready to kneel, only do not put on his knees in Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

“About the knees, so it was clear what I meant, I think, to any intelligent person it is clear. I’m ready to kneel in front of every mother who did not wait for his son from the front, in front of each child, not waiting for his father, to his wife, who did not wait for her husband. And you are invited,” said Zelensky.

After that Zelensky was on his knees, turning to the audience, and Poroshenko got down on one knee and kissed the national flag, which kept the volunteer Tatyana Rychkova, whose husband was killed in 2014 near Yenakiyevo.

Кто разбирается в обертках. Главные тезисы дебатов


Made differently

Zelensky at the end talked about medical reform and the war.

“On health reform. If quality drugs are not available, conditions in hospitals and no money, the normal salaries of the doctors there – what the heck is reform? As for the roads I have nothing to say because they are not” – said the showman.

“About the war: we will do everything to finish it”, – he promised.

Poroshenko in turn said, “Friends, they don’t see that done in 5 years. They are trying to drag this on any other direction.”

“We must unite in order to return the Crimea to Ukraine to protect the Ukrainian Donbass, to protect Ukraine from Russian populism and the fakes,” – said the acting President.

In the end Poroshenko urged not to break tradition and end the meeting by performing the national anthem of Ukraine.

This time Zelensky did not sing the Anthem at the beginning – he kissed his wife on the stage and began to communicate with the audience with gestures.

Кто разбирается в обертках. Главные тезисы дебатов


And Poroshenko with his wife and members of his team still sang the national Anthem a Cappella.

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