Why do Telegram messenger as its main

Почему стоит сделать Telegram своим основным мессенджером

Recently 112.ua there is a “Telegram”. There we online we inform about all the most important things that is happening in Ukraine and the world. No spam and “junk” news, only the most important. However, not all our readers are familiar with the young messenger, with its undeniable advantages, which do not allow neither WhatsApp nor Viber. A well-known blogger Vadim Sterkin explains why you should make your main Telegram messenger.

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Lately, I have consolidated almost all of your contacts in Telegram. Bikers pulled from WhatsApp, MVP – Skype, in which there are only a couple stubborn pins, as well as parents for voice communication. Today I will show you five benefits of this rapidly growing popularity of the messenger and will share tips for effective communication in it.

In Telegram no voice calls, and Russian language interface Pavel Durov embeds the principle, considering a lock of his creation in Russia is inevitable. Even if you understand English, please rate the implementation of the language pack is installed in Windows in the form of Easter eggs.

Despite international orientation, Telegram is now the most interesting messenger in our region. This is not just a means of exchanging personal messages, and a communication platform with content and bots.

1. Cross-platform, reliability of message delivery and speed

The presence application on all platforms nowadays, but the question is how harmoniously different applications interact with each other. Skype climbs from all cracks, but regularly has problems with sync notifications and calls.

I am sure that Windows Phone users are familiar with the situation, when click on toast notification Skype, and then wait for a minute while it loads in the app. On Android this is not so bad, because the app works quickly, but it has its own miracles happen.

WhatsApp is generally good, but sometimes the message delivery lag, especially if they were sent in the absence of connection or its poor quality (e.g. in subway).

Telegram looks much better in all these aspects, and it is beyond the core focus on security.

Client for Windows and Android app are very fast, and read messages are synced instantly. Unlike Skype, Telegram good caches messages and pictures (configurable), which greatly speeds up the browsing history, including groups and channels.

Source code customers opened the Telegram (proprietary is server part), and the Protocol and documented APIs, and it simplifies the creation of third-party clients. If you are already familiar in Telegram and got a bunch of contacts, chats and channels you are interested in customer Plus Messenger (review).

Its obvious advantage is the separation of the contacts, groups, channels, and bots for the tabs which all have been waiting for the official client. For example, the time to mark as read only bots. The application also many appearance settings that their number fall into a stupor.

The disadvantage is that the new platform capabilities are implemented later than in the official client. However, Plus updated quickly – so bot friendly platform 2.0 introduced within two weeks.

2. Chat (group and supergroup)

Along with individual chats in Telegram there are groups (as in Skype and WhatsApp) that are perfect for private communication with friends or colleagues. Supergroup (up to 5,000) have the option to pin messages and means of moderation needed in public chat.

When you create a group you can choose people from your contacts list, if they have Telegram. To invite other people, create a link-invite in group settings.

In the settings of the Telegram, you can specify your username (username), which can be changed at any time. As in Twitter, it starts with @. To attract the attention of a group member, disable it in notification (more on this below), call it username – mention is always accompanied by a notification.

Type @ and you will see a list of all group members (in the picture the user names are hidden except first letters). Upd. Update of may 15, 2016 have the opportunity to mention this way even the band members that have not established a user name.

By username you can also find any human or bot in the global search Telegram.

You can find yourself and forward messages from groups and channels – get some favorites which you in Telegram no.

You can even send myself messages from clients to another platform – for example, photos for further processing (send it uncompressed, or simply as the file).

3. Thematic channels

In contrast to groups, channels broadcast unilaterally. Messages can be send only channel admins and get them to all subscribers. Each channel has a link telegram.me/Makayla to share it on the Internet.

In the Telegram channel, you can automatically translate the content of a website or other social networks, complementing its other messages. As well as you can have a private channel and fill it with news, images, or their clever ideas.

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112.ua also has a channel, where online reports about all the most important things that is happening in Ukraine and the world.

Почему стоит сделать Telegram своим основным мессенджером

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Any message Telegram, including from channels, you can forward to your contacts and groups, as well as channels that you administer. So to share interesting post with your friends or subscribers is very simple.

Active chat rooms and channels generate a lot of notifications, it’s very distracting and sometimes pushes newbies away from Telegram. The trick is to immediately mute (mute notifications) non-critical groups and channels, and reading the chats and posts in your free time.

4. Bots

Bots messenger now at all on hearing, and even Microsoft has entered the game in the 2016 Build. Telegram is developing its API for bots, and with each passing day they are becoming more. Each bot also has a username, so it can be found in the global search. Bots are divided into two categories – regular and embedded (inline).

With the usual bots you interact directly, sending them a text (e.g., search query) or teams that have provided the developer.

Many bots commands are duplicated in the graphics menu, so it is not necessary to enter them with the keyboard. However, smartphones are often in the input field button is inserted for convenience.

Try to mingle with our bot and you will understand how it works: 112.ua (news site). If you are not sure where to start, send the command /help.

Почему стоит сделать Telegram своим основным мессенджером

Some bots may not support interaction if they are provided under the narrow task like posting to the channel.

Embedded (inline) bots can receive commands from other chats. For example, the gif or pic you can call from any chat to find a suitable to the theme of the picture.

Sometimes the bot you need to add to the group to get it working (for example, @vkmusic_bot).

5. Free stickers

Stickers are pictures that you can download within the theme package and paste into the chat. In addition, when you start the message with emojis (I hate that word), there is a list of associated stickers.

In Telegram any free stickers that is not true for all messengers. So popular in Asia LINE in 2015 sold users stickers for 212 million dollars, and earned 318 million dollars in the brands that produce your free set of stickers for promotional purposes. (Telegram Pavel Durov costs more than a million dollars a month).

Telegram comes with a basic set of stickers, but download third-party easy — tap on any sticker in the chat and add the package. In the platform 2.0 introduced built-in boat @Sticker, with the global search of stickers for Emoji.

Почему стоит сделать Telegram своим основным мессенджером

If you can’t find suitable stickers, make them yourself. The desired image in PNG with one party to 512px (the other should not exceed this value), and these in Google to find (copyright on your conscience). These pictures go to the bot @Stickers and follow the instructions. Created package can be updated by adding or removing stickers.

* * *

Telegram is good as a text messenger, which it is possible to rely for operative communication with a group of friends. Public interest group I strongly associated with IRC chat, and let the new generation. Brand focus on privacy is unlikely to have many crucial, but secret chat a few times I used.

Telegram from simple, sometimes even primitive and not all helpful interface, but it stands for the power of thematic channels and bots that attracts attention like a magnet. I like the ecosystem Telegram, because it’s personal and group communication is closely intertwined with original user generated content and services.


Vadim Sterkin

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