Why Ukraine backs the army

Зачем Украина создает резервную армию

Ended exercises of reservists and the fortress-2018

In Chernihiv region held the final stage of the practical phase of the first pilot tactical exercises on territorial defense and the fortress-2018.

In Ukraine, mnogochlena system of territorial defense in the case of large-scale military confrontation. According to the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, in the end, Ukraine will receive a half-million army.

On the eve of Chernihiv region held the final stage of the practical phase of the first pilot tactical exercises on territorial defense and the fortress-2018.

Earlier on the ground in this region were Ukraine’s only public test of the American anti-tank complex Javelin. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Half a million army of Ukraine

Turchinov at the site Goncharovsky in Chernihiv region, where they held military exercises on territorial defense and the fortress-2018 that mnogochlena system of territorial defense is the key and Foundation of defense of Ukraine in the conditions of large-scale military confrontation.

“The development of territorial defense should provide in the conditions of the special period, the transformation of each district, each city into a fortress,” said the NSDC Secretary on June 26.

According to Turchynov, in each area on the project team are staff of the territorial defense and individual reserve units of the national guard and border guards.

He noted that the development of a system of territorial defense allows you to prepare thousands of additional reserve for the Armed forces, National guard and border troops.

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“We have to get more powerful a half-million army that can reliably protect Ukraine from any aggressor”, – said Turchinov.

In the system of territorial defense can realize themselves as veterans of the ATO, and young men of military age, “which is an important component of Patriotic education”, he said.

The NSDC Secretary also noted that the defense Ministry and the General staff prepared the draft law “On the territorial defense of Ukraine, which after approval at the meeting of the Council of national security and defense will be submitted to Parliament.

On June 25 during the exercise, and the fortress-2018, the Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak said that the establishment of the territorial defense brigades will increase the combat capability of the country twice.

“This form of organization and military training Patriotic population will form a security zone at Ukraine and to guarantee their peaceful life and protection of the civilian population, – stated in the message of the Ministry of defence.

The exercises also saw the chief of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko, commander of Land forces of the armed forces Sergey Popko, as well as the chairmen of regional state administrations.


How were the teachings of the Northern fortress

Assignment of reservists – the protection of native towns and villages. Now they are sales managers, farmers, officials, people of peaceful occupations.

Donbass.The realities of the visited area, which were the teachings of the Northern fortress-2 – “the unusual two-week experiment”.

“We urged 3700 reservists of the operational reserve of the second phase of training sessions in the 119-th separate brigade of the territorial defence. According to the results of the exercise, using our experience, such teams will be established in each region of Ukraine”, – said the Deputy of the Chernigov regional military Commissioner Vadzim Lelchitsky.

The first brigade of the territorial defence formed in Chernihiv region since it is only 30 kilometers from the Russian border. Such teams will be created in the most “dangerous” areas, and then throughout Ukraine.

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The exercises help to understand how much time it will take to reservists trainings and supplies of food, fuel and ammunition.

The tasks of the teams terroborony: protection of bridges, overpasses, pipelines, power plants, hospitals, public authorities and local self-government, assistance at the border crossing regarding.

Also at the site were the traditional maneuvers with heavy machinery. In particular, running, lying in a trench with a tank and a crossing in the armor through the water.

Javelin experienced in the Ukraine

American Javelin anti-tank unit arrived in Ukraine in late April. The first time they have experienced at the end of may. As told in the national security Council, was fired not by the layout but really the tank.

President Petro Poroshenko said then that the Javelin is “a very effective defensive weapon which will be applied in the event of Russia on Ukrainian military positions”.

FGM-148 Javelin American production is one of the best tank missile in the world. However, one missile often is more expensive than target, which it destroys.

Javelin can hit almost all tanks in the world, because it strikes at the weak top armor.

In addition, Javelin has fewer hazards to calculate than other anti-missile systems. With its small weight, this ATGM can be used on the battlefield as a first response to the “massive and sudden tank attack”.

Earlier, the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker said that these missiles are not intended to conflict in the Donbass.

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“I want to emphasize that this is a defensive technique. This is only useful during a tank attack. Then it can be neutralized. This is defensive weaponry, not for attack and not for use in the line of conflict. And I think Ukraine largely shares this position,” said Walker.

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