Why Ukraine is changing analog TV to digital

Зачем Украина меняет аналоговое ТВ на цифровое

Ukraine started to move to T2

In Kiev and Kirovograd region since August 1 it will suspend analog broadcasting TV channels.

Ukraine has begun to abandon analog TV and switch to digital. August 1, Kyiv and Kirovograd region switched to digital broadcasting. The whole of Ukraine will refuse from analog on August 31.

Digital television will provide better picture and sound and clean up the frequencies for other areas, such as 4G. Also the abandonment of analog broadcasting is an obligation of Ukraine before the Western partners. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Ukraine is changing the analog to digit

Kyiv and Kirovograd region became the first in Ukraine switched to digital TV. From 1 August there is no more analog broadcasting.

National TV channels 1+1, inter, Ukraine, STRAIGHT, ICTV, NTN, M1, TET, channel 5, STB, Novy, K1 is already on the figure. In the capital also enters the channel Kiev, Kropivnitskogo – TTV and MEGA.

Users without special tuners won’t see them again. The broadcast will be in digital format only T2. You must select a different broadcast type: cable, Internet, digital or satellite.

The main thing to make consumers buy a receiver that catches the TV signal format DVB-T2 (digital broadcasting standard).

It can be an external TV set-top box or built-in receiver included in the original equipment of most modern TVs. The cost of the receiver from 400 to 600 UAH. The TV can be bought from 2.8 thousand hryvnia.

To prepare for the transition to the new format in the first place, should those who still watch TV with an antenna directly connected to the TV.

Those watching cable or satellite TV, don’t notice the change.

Зачем Украина меняет аналоговое ТВ на цифровое

Kiev switched to digital broadcasting

Kiev to analogue to watch these TV channels: 2+2, but here in Kiev, but here in Kyiv, Plusplus, the First Kyiv TV channel.

In the absence of problems with the shutdown of analogue television from September 1, all Ukraine will switch to digital broadcasting.

However, analogue will remain in the territories with a special regime of broadcasting. These are the areas bordering the Crimea, the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Зачем Украина меняет аналоговое ТВ на цифровое



According to research by Industrial television Committee for 17-18 percent of the population of Ukraine, the main method of reception of analogue.

To complete the transition to digital broadcasting standard plan until may of next year.


Why upgrade to T2

In 2006, in Geneva, a conference was held, following which the countries of the world, including Ukraine, signed a Declaration on the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.

Ukraine was breaking away from analogue broadcasting by 17 June 2015, but for political and technological reasons not possible.

The figure has passed all EU countries, except Romania, America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mongolia, Rwanda, Western Sahara, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Baltic States.

4G in Ukraine. While the world is introducing the fifth generation

The transition to digital broadcasting will allow you to watch TV with a quality picture and the best sound, says the President of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting Yuri Artemenko.

The figure will reveal the potential of modern TVs which had an analog picture.

It would also free the frequency for other areas – FM radio or mobile communication. For example, a legacy analog signal occupying frequencies prevents full-fledged launch of high-speed 4G Internet services in Ukraine.


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