Why Ukraine needs an interactive geological map?

Зачем Украине нужна интерактивная геологическая карта?

Today (in the era of Internet) in the funds Gosgeonedr holds about 200 thousand printed books with geological information. Ukraine to become an attractive investment, these cards should at least be clickable.

And now more. The creation of modern interactive geological database of Ukraine is one of the priorities of Gosgeonedr. Why is it necessary? First, is the digitization and opening of geological information. Secondly, the creation of information available to attract investment. Thirdly, it is integration in the international geological community.

Now Gosgeonedra actively working to create a unified geological library. We have already digitized more than 30% of the data. There is still a lot of laborious and responsible work. Because it is necessary to modernize the information that has accumulated in the vaults for over 90 years.

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Only in the funds of one of our state – owned enterprises – “geographic information” – filed more than 60 thousand geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, research, and other works. They contain information regarding the geological study of the territory of Ukraine. The oldest report, incidentally, dates from 1895.

To help you better understand each report is from 1 to 20 books text and graphics applications. Thus, only in the collections “geographic information” stored about 200 thousand books. In addition, it is necessary to consider also the materials of the regional enterprises and other state institutions and organizations.

Digitizing and creation of interactive geological maps Gosgeonedra received support from canadian colleagues, and their Department of natural resources. In recent years we have repeatedly met with representatives of Canada, practiced and clarified all the points. Through this work, you will have created web services with the geological maps.

According to plans, by the end of this year we will have a digitized geological map of Ukraine in a modern format – geo-PDF and in free access. On this map it will be enough to bring the cursor to the field to get the whole list of information (geological coordinates, permits, etc.).

To clarify, we are now talking about the digitization of the state geological maps of new generation (1991-2015). and also the Soviet times. All in scale 1:200 000. Our next goal is the creation of interactive maps in scale 1:50 000.

We also work with the canadian organization Alberta Energy Regulator. The specialists of this organization to share experiences of model-building plots in 3D-format. In the pilot version want to offer it to investors within the framework of auctions of special permits for subsoil use.

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Of course, a lot of work ahead. Because Ukraine is one of the leading countries in the world for stocks, for example, coal, iron, titanium, uranium and other minerals. Our state has roughly 8,000 deposits with 96 kinds of minerals, of which 3,000 mines in operation on the basis of which employs more than 2,000 mining and processing enterprises. All this information should be accessible to the international geological community.

Why? Here for example, Gosgeonedra works closely with the Association of geological surveys of Europe. In particular, we are involved in the project Minerals4EU the creation of an information network minerals Europe. This project aims to develop modern, interactive web portal to help educate investors regarding mineral potential of Europe. For integration in the international professional environment our geological information needs to conform to modern formats.

We must clearly understand that, systematizing and digitalizing the geological information, we create preconditions for a favourable investment climate for the adaptation of the international standards of the geological industry of Ukraine in the end.

But because of the low level of state funding we can’t modernize geological map quickly. However, I hope that thanks to the help of foreign colleagues we will be able to do it. Because of the geological industry is a strategic necessity.

Nicholas Boyarkin

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