Why you should hurry with the import of cars and how to avoid becoming a victim of scams

Почему стоит поторопиться с импортом авто и как не стать жертвой аферистов

The import of used electric cars has become a popular topic among the Ukrainians after the adoption of the law on preferential rates on customs clearance.

Since the beginning of 2018 people have the opportunity to purchase electric powered car without paying the cost of VAT and excise tax, and it allows you to save on the purchase of about 25-30%.

The outcome was to be expected. As informs a portal of the state fiscal service, in the first quarter of 2018 was imported about 2 000 new and used vehicles.

But as practice shows, the results of any innovation are never just good and Vice versa. So, the importation of electric cars interested buyer should pay attention to some main points that can become stumbling blocks for a successful purchase.

Perhaps the most important aspect are the time frames for purchases and customs clearance. The preferential customs rate ends in December this year, and still the officials did not disclose the final plans, will be extended the action of the customs tariff and the next in 2019.

If preferential tariffs next year will be abolished, the potential buyers will have to deal with the need to make a decision on buying a car within a limited time. On average, shipping from North America to Ukraine lasts 45-60 days. It is also worth considering the queue for customs clearance at the port of arrival, which can last up to several weeks.

Thus, in order to manage to deliver and customs clearance of the electric car at preferential rates until 31 December, the buyer needs to be ready to purchase in the period up to the end of October.

Another pressing issue is the fact that such a high demand for cars from abroad has created a favorable environment for fraud, the so-called pseudo-importers.

Typically, a private buyer can not buy any car auction in US or Canada without an appropriate licence and contacts with transport companies. Thus was formed a niche for licensed companies and brokers who help buyers from all over the world to get access to all the wholesale auctions in North America and buy any vehicle at the lowest prices.

In addition to legal firms operating legally (e.g. AuctionExport), there are fraudulent organizations who deceive buyers by luring low prices and the opportunity to save on shipping or customs procedures. For example, an unscrupulous importer could argue that to import cars without removing them from registration in America, to circumvent the customs clearance at the port of Ukraine. is real and legal. In fact, to bring the vehicle in such a way is impossible, because the US customs service and Canada strictly control that all exported cars were removed from the register and had no debt.

There are also mediators that promote free delivery of the car from America. It is worth remembering that the car is at least polutoratonny thing that you need to first take the truck to the port in USA or Canada and then ship to the port of arrival, issuing all customs documents. Free shipping is questionable in this case.

Having considered all the risks, it is impossible not to agree that the best way to successfully buy and import electric car – is it legally to import all the rules of the customs code through a proven business broker. Do not rely on advertising to free shipping incredibly low price, because, as you know, avaricious pays twice.

By the end of this year, all interested in buying a car can register on the website absolutely free and get a bonus of $ 50 on the purchase of any car in the catalog.

After online registration you have to enter the code Ukraine2018 in a field for a promotional code in your customer profile.