Why you should pick up the SBU from the subordination to the President

Почему следует забрать СБУ из-под подчинения президенту

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The subordination of the security service, intelligence service and armed forces solely to the President regardless of the names is contrary to the civil control and is a constant threat to democracy, especially in conditions of war.

It is because we are at war, we need parliamentary oversight of the security service and the defence sector.

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First, in order to finally stop the political manipulation of the security service. The fact that for 25 years the President single-handedly controls the activities of the intelligence services, have turned security into a tool that presidents often use to achieve their political goals. Therefore, the personnel of security service choose not by the criterion of professionalism, and by the criterion of personal loyalty to the person of the President (for those who forgot, the head of the security service of Yanukovych – a Russian citizen Yakimenko).

And secondly, in order to protect the institution of the President. We have seen in the recent history of the state, when the person who held the position of President, became a victim of his excessive power. And so our task is to bring the President under control of the Parliament in the part where he exercises Executive power. The field of defense and security – this is part of the Executive branch. Otherwise, we will each time sliding to usurp.

This is especially dangerous now, when we have “special period” and made changes to dozens of legislative acts – they added powers, there is “cut off” a little bit of democracy – all of it goes to “favor” to the President.

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Parliamentary control is the control on behalf of the people, so he alone can be a guarantee against usurpation.

That’s what was trying to say today during a discussion in Parliament on the reform of special and intelligence services.

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