Wikileaks will give IT companies the information about the methods of cyber espionage, CIA, Assange

Wikileaks передаст IT-компаниям информацию о способах кибершпионажа ЦРУ, - Ассанж

Wikileaks will help the IT companies to identify weaknesses in their systems that allow intelligence agencies to conduct surveillance. The company will receive technical information about the methods of cyber espionage, the CIA, said project founder Julian Assange.

Reported by the BBC.

“We decided to work with them, provide them with exclusive access to some of the technical details that we have,” – said Assange.

He also accused the intelligence services of incompetence, which allowed me to get access to data on cyber-espionage.

“This is an unprecedented example of the disastrous incompetence, to create such an Arsenal and then leave it to be stored in one place,” said the founder of Wikileaks.

We will remind, the FBI and the CIA began an investigation in connection with the publication of the Wikileaks top secret information.

As reported, yesterday the website WikiLeaks published the first part of a package of documents which, it is claimed, are confidential documents of the CIA and expose large-scale hacker program office.

As noted in the WikiLeaks, published documents describes the magnitude and direction of the global hacking secret CIA program, its Arsenal of malicious software and dozens of vulnerabilities “zero day”, which are used against a wide range of products of American and European manufacturers, including iPhones from Apple, Android from Google, Windows from Microsoft and even Samsung TV, which, according to WikiLeaks, into secret microphones.

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