Will end up like Ronaldinho: Neymar had an altercation with the coach of Barcelona

Закончишь как Роналдиньо: Неймар повздорил с наставником Барселоны


The Brazilian had an argument with Juan Carlos, Ensue.

At the conclusion of the current season coach of the Catalans Luis Enrique leave Barcelona, and that Juan Carlos Unzue considered by the club as the new head coach of the team.

In this light, it looks very inappropriate argument with one of the leaders of the “blue garnet” Neymar during training. According to Mundo Deportivo, analyzing the match against Villarreal, Juan Carlos Unzue made the Brazilian a few tactical observations, after which he raised voice specialist and joined with him in a verbal argument.

Specialist can not stand the arrogance of the player, telling him: “If you continue to behave in the same spirit – you’ll end up like Ronaldinho”.

Note that in the current season on account of Neymar 10 goals and 14 assists in 28 games in the Spanish Examples.

According to the materials: