Wine prolongs life scientists

Вино продлевает жизнь – ученые

Scientists have proven that wine prolongs life

American scientists were able to prove, using 1-2 glasses of wine can prolong life.

Two glasses of wine a day may reduce the risk of premature death. To such conclusion scientists from the University of California, writes The Independent.

For 15 years experts watched the diet, habits and health of 1.70 thousand older people aged 90 years or more. It was found that those who consumed about two glasses of wine a day lived on average 18% more than others.

In addition, life expectancy is affected and the level of physical activity of the subjects. So, exercise for 15-45 minutes a day reduced the risk of premature death by 11%.

Beer before wine will not save you from a hangover − the scientists

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in 2018 global wine production was a record for 15 years.

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